Code Pink disrupts Saudi Prince's event at Kennedy Center

Video of Code Pink inside the Kennedy Center protesting Saudi bombing of Yemen

On the 21st of March, Code Pink protested inside the Saudi Arts and Cultural event at the Kennedy Center. This event was in honor of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's visit to the US. Code Pink disrupted it to protest Saudi Arabia's ongoing bombing and war against the people of Yemen.

There is a report from the @ajmubasher twitter account (linked to al-Jazeera) that two Code Pink members were handcuffed by "police." The only police visible inside the Kennedy Center appeared to be the usual private security guards. They did get physical with one protester but at that point it did not appear they were trying to actually arrest anyone. After being escorted outside Code Pink continued to protest at the front door, and at least one threat of "lock up" was overheard.

Code Pink about to enter the Saudi Arts and Cultural event

Code Pink's banner being escorted back out

War Crimes Prince!

Security guards or "special police" get rough

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