Puerto Ricans protest FEMA, Congress six months after Hurricane Maria

On the 20th of March, Puerto Ricans came to DC, outraged by the US government's refusal to help rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid and other crucial infrastructure. They held a rally outside FEMA before marching to Congress under rain so cold it was snow and sleet just a few miles north of the city.

Apparently some of the Puerto Rican activists managed to get inside the Senate and protest there. There is an unconfirmed report from the "Trump's not my Pres" Twitter account to this effect: "Kasey Hunt reporting on Senate Intel committee initial Russia probe report couldn't be heard because of a "Puerto Rican protest" going on in the Senate gallery behind her. @MSNBC offers no deiails of the protest and makes no other mention of it.."

Apparently being part of the US, yet not a state means being thrown under the bus. So long as Trump continues his racist refusal to help the people of Puerto Rico repair the electrical grid and turn the lights back on after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans will no doubt continue exercising a different kind of power: the kind that makes itself felt in the streets of the rich and powerful.

Protesting FEMA's inaction (photo by Maria Pena)

Marching to Congress under tarps as an icy rain falls (photo by Maria Pena)

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