"Trump is a Pig" posters appear on DC lamp posts

Decades ago, scandal after scandal brought down former Reagan adminstration attorney general Edwin Meese III. As the scandals escalated, "Meese is a Pig" posters appeared all over DC, sometimes in huge clusters. The last batch read "Experts Agree-Meese is a Pig!" Now Donald Trump is receiving a taste of the same treatment in the wake of that raging sex tape scandal.

A few days earlier, someone was quoted as saying Donald Trumps misogynist "locker room language" was not an example of "boys will be boys" but rather of "pigs will be pigs." Now the slogan "Trump is a Pig" is appearing around DC. If Trump somehow manages to steal the election he should expect to be as dogged by this as Edwin Meese III was back in the Reagan years.

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