NoDAPL:Red Warrior Camp issues communique asking convergence on Standing Rock

Official Red Warrior Camp Frontline Communique

Greetings relatives across the hemispheres. We write you this message from the active frontline resistance along the banks of the sacred Mni Sose river on sovereign Lakota treaty territory.

We are a growing community of dedicated water protectors that have been peacefully defending sacred water from the impending construction/destruction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We come from many nations and many struggles to denounce the violence done unto our sacred mother by resource extraction industries.

As we fulfill our responsibility to protect this land and water for future generations we are constantly met with heavy-handed responses and state sanctioned repression from militarized government forces. Police harassment in the form of daily helicopter and drone surveillance of our home encampment, the threatened use of military grade weapons, illegal road blockades, and racial profiling are all fear tactics of intimidation intended to break our warrior spirits. Yet we still stand strong in prayer, always united in our collective vision to defeat this Black Snake.

Pipeline investors are desperate to complete their $3.7 billion project on time and winters approach is making living conditions on the plains much more harsh. We now must ask all Land Defenders, Water Protectors, and Strong Hearts to hear our War Cry and join us here in Standing Rock immediately. We are requesting reinforcements from skilled and trained Warriors prepared to evict the Dakota Access Pipeline and protect our homelands and ways of life. Let us kill this Black Snake once and for all.

With Love & Conviction from the Warpath,
Black Snake Killaz - Red Warrior Camp

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