Animal rights protesters march through Neiman-Marcus, march on Maggiano's

On Black Friday, Nov 25, animal rights protesters marched into Neiman-Marcus, demanding the upscale chain store stop selling fur and related products. Afterwards they marched around the block, stopping at Maggiano's, the scene of the previous week's confrontation with the neo-Nazi National Policy Institute(NPI).

Several of the protesters in the animal rights march had also been present in the Nov 18 storming of NPI,s dinner at Maggiano's. While Maggianos was thanked for issuing an apology and donating the night's profits to charity, their remains the issue that 8 members of Maggiano's staff fought against anti-fascist protesters and received a standing ovation from NPI for doing so. NPI for their part tweeting out images of themselves Nazi saluting inside the restaurant, so surely these staffers knew who they were defending-and that it was not the "Griffin Family reunion" under which the space had been booked.

One of the animal rights activists on a bullhorn condemned Maggiano's for selling slaughterhouse products such as meat. She also read out the well known quote that "In the eyes of animals all humans are Nazis." This means that Maggiano's foolish mistake in hosting Nazis has now caused them to come to the attention of other protesters. They can ask Nieman-Marcus about just how long that can last. Protests over fur sales at Nieman-Marcus began in 1999. One week after George W Bush's 2001 Inauguration, 400 protesters stormed Mazza Gallerie seeking to march into Neiman-Marcus as was done on Nov 25, 2016, almost 16 years later.

Video-fur protest marches through Neiman-Carcass

Marching into Nieman-Marcus demanding an end to fur sales

Inside "Neiman-Carcass"

Protesters also returned to Maggiano's, scene of last week's dinner by neo-Nazi National Policy Institute disrupted by anti-fascist protesters

Fur protesters march through Neiman-Marcus
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