Nooses found at Dominion's Cove Point gas export construction site

In April 2016, two nooses were found at Dominion's under construction gas export terminal at Cove Point in Calvert County, MD. In November 2016 two more nooses were found. On Dec 7 a fifth noose was found. This construction site became infamous when it began for importing most of their labor from Texas. The finding of nooses always raises the question of KKK involvment. The question is whether we are talking about the Texas Klan or a KKK chapter active in southern MD.

Even before the nooses bearing the threat of Klan activity, Dominion's gas plant has divided and terrorized Calvert County. When construction began in December 2014, exactly ONE local job was created, and the guarded Holiday Inn where the workers stayed was full of Texas plates. In the town of Cove Point anti-Dominion signs can be seen everywhere.

Presumably the nooses were left by white supremacists intending to terrorize any Black or Latino construction workers from leaving the project. As the worksite is guarded to keep out local opponents of the project, this implies the nooses are coming from someone working on the project..

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