Migrants march on White House against Trump's ICE raids

On the 11th of February, migrants and their supporters marched on the White House against the wave of immigration raids that have swept several states this weekend. The DC march was completed without incident, but a similar march in New York City was assaulted by police and several marchers there were arrested after taking to the streets.

Fuhrer Trump has begun his pogrom against Latino migrants just as he said he would. At the moment Trump is claiming that only migrants with police records are being targetted, but the charges involved literally run the gamut from murder all the day down to jaywalking. This is how it always starts. If this is not stopped, Trump has announced that even legal immigrants may eventually be targetted and that up to 8 million people may face deportation.

Yesterday they came for the Muslims but tens of thousand of people spoke up and Federal judges listened. Today they come for the Latino community-will Federal judges and the people speak up again, or will the False President's reign of terror spread unchecked?

Video of the march originally uploaded to Twitter by Nancy Trevino

Creative Commons Licence