DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network launches with march on White House

On the 21st of March, over 60 congregations came together to launch the DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network. They gathered at Foundry United Methodist Church and marched down 16th st to the White House.

Sanctuary DMV and PICO National Network have come together to create the DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network. This network is asking congregations to take direct action against Trump's racist terror and planned wave of up to 11 million deportations. Organizers published this statement:

"There are many ways for faith communities to stand with people who are being targeted. Some congregations are hosting people who are at risk of deportation; others are supporting those that are hosting; accompanying people to ICE check-ins and legal hearings; holding Defend Your Rights trainings; setting up Rapid Response networks to show up when ICE raids take place; and pressing their cities and states to get ICE out of schools, jails and courts and end all policies that racially-profile and over-incarcerate people of color."

Photo by ImpeachNow

Photo by PICO Network

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