Surviving DC Cherry blossoms out after half killed by chaotic climate

The warm February and early March in DC this year was followed by snowflakes and a hard freeze just four days before the cherry blossoms were forecast to peak(70% bloom). Those blossoms that were the earliest to open (about half) were killed by the cold and many of these still hang from the trees after turning brown. The other half were not so far along, survived, and are not open. This video shot March 25, the day the blossoms were said to reach peak this year.

This climate chaos caused damage is a warning of what's to come, as climate change begins to damage agriculture. In some years, flowers may be destroyed, preventing that year's fruits or seeds from ever appearing. In others they may arrive too early or too late for their pollinators with the same result. In still other years crops in the ground or fruit on the trees will be destroyed. You don't get frozen juice from frozen fruit.

Video shot from moving bike of cherry blossoms around Haines Point

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