Code Pink, Popular Resistance protest as Trump summons all 100 Senators for N Korea war conference

On the 26th of April, Trump summoned all 100 US Senators for a conference generally believed to be about a potential war against North Korea. The dictator of N Korea and wannabe dictator of "North America" have been in a situation best compared to an escalating fight in a crowded restaurant between two heavily-armed, violently psychotic Mafia dons. As protesters set up to denounce the brewing war, the police closed or claimed to close Lafayette Park, as they so often do at "convenient" moments these days.

The cops told the protesters to retreat behind a line of yellow tape that did not exist anywhere near them, while tourists still moved freely in the park. It was quite a bit later that two Secret Service (SS) cops insulted two tourists near the back of the park for being present, claiming the park was closed while once again a large crowd was still present in the area near the ongoing permanent antiwar vigil. The protest against a potential second Korean War was also still in place at that time.

Video from the Code Pink/Popular Resistance protest

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