Victory at AU in sit-in over racist noose incident

On the 5th of May, students at American University stages a sit-in with three demands over the racist noose/banana incidents on campus. The university agreed to all three demands by the end of the day to end a siege that was preventing any cars from getting out of a parking garage

The demands were as follows:

1: For the remainder of the semester, the Bridge will become a sanctuary for people of color.

2:All POC students get extensions, and should not be penalized for already scheduled finals after this incident.

3: A separate investigation team based out of the university (composed of a group of non-biased expert contractors) that can investigate cases of racism and discrimination brought agaionst the institution of American University.

These were the three demands the administration had to concede to in order to end the sit-in. The whole fracas began when unknown presumably white students hung bananas from nooses in response to the election of an African-American president of a sorority. The administration tried and failed to cover it up, going so far as to have reporters kicked off campus during a previous student protest. Now they have thrown in the towel and agreed to the demands of students of color. One again: protest WORKS, and direct action gets the goods!

Photo by Alejandro Alvarez

Photo by SmashRacismDC

Photo by SmashRacismDC

Photo by Llausha11

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