March and Vigil to Remember Lives Stolen and Destroyed by the Police

Every year, tens of thousands of police, prison guards, and police weapons manufacturers descend on DC for National Police Week to celebrate the damage they afflict on the world. This gang in blue murders, assaults, and destroys families; and yet, they roam the earth freely, plundering our communities' collective dreams to live free. In 2016 alone, police in the US murdered over 300 people of color - nearly every time the boys in blue took a life, they never faced charges. In the first five months of 2017, ICE arrests of those not charged with any crime increased by more than 30%, and for folks charged with a crime, ICE arrests increased more than 15%. We've seen this across the nation systematically tearing families and communities apart.

Just this past week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions breathed new life into the war on drugs in our communities by ordering prosecutors to seek the toughest charges and sentences for folks charged with drug related offenses. The drug war has already imprisoned and thus sold into slavery thousands of black and brown bodies, and this administration wants to bring it back. We would be remiss not to mention the ongoing increase in state repression against those who defy this settler-state. The latest J20-related indictment charged over 200 people captured on a street corner with at least 8 felonies and over a lifetime in prison. Their prosecution is merely the tip of the iceberg.

As police spend their week commemorating fallen officers, we call on comrades from across the D-M-V to join us in a marching vigil to remember the lives stolen, destroyed and permanently altered by the police. Victims and families/friends of victims will be given space to speak, should they wish to. Meet at Mt Vernon Square, Friday, May 19, 2017 at 9pm. Dress code optional. Bring candles and flowers.

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