Protesters target FCC while commission votes 2-1 to scrap net neutrality

On the 18th of May, the FCC met to vote on keeping existing net neutrality rules or scrapping them and starting a new rulemaking from scratch. Net neutrality protestrs set up outside to oppose the push for "fast lanes" and "toll roads" on the Internet. The FCC voted 2-1 to scrap net neutrality anway, so the fight is ON.

This is after a week of protests in front of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's home,and a Tuesday protest in which junk computers were smashed in front of the FCC with statements made that "our computers are trash" without net neutrality. The fight has just begun, former FCC Chairman Wheeler was also against net neutrality until a steady drumbeat of protest and millions of public comments forced him to change his mind. Reopening what has been settled law is another decision that came from Trump and guided his choice of who was to take over at FCC, but the Trump White House is now said to be in "chaos" as a special prosecutor is appointed to investigate Russiagate and obstruction of justice. Calls for impeachment have begun on Capitol Hill, so it is uncertain if Trump's anti-net neutrality efforts will last long whether or not he can stay in office.

Tues, May 16: Net Neutrality activists smash junk computers in front of the FCC Video

Sun, May 14: Net Neutrality activists show up at FCC chairman Ajit Pai's house Video

Photo by Protect Our Internet

Photo by Run Wyden

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