FCC Chairman Ajit Pai gets home demo for net neutrality

On the 14th of May, Popular Resistance showed up outside the home of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in opposition to reopening the net neutrality issue. In addtion, three of Pai's neighbors joined the protest. Net neutrality was thought to be settled law, but Trump and Pai want to reopen the danger of paid prioritization and throttling or outright blocking of websites that cannot pay for premium "fast lanes.

Protests at homes are known for getting results, and a previous round of masssive public pressure and literally millions of public comments in the previous net neutrality rulemaking reversed what had been former FCC chair Wheeler's anti net neutrality position into a final ruling in favor of net neutrality. Now that hard-won victory has to be re-fought, again with Verizon, Comcast et all seeking absolute control over the Internet as delivered "last mile" through their ologopoly services.

Popular Resistance put the details of the protest on Facebook, only to find that Facebook took the posting down. Facebook claims to support net neutrality, presumably to avoid having to split their profits with Comcast, Verizon, and similar Big Telcos. None the less, there are unconfirmed suspicions that the FCC or their security people may have leaned on Facebook to remove the posting or else. On the other hand, Facebook has long been infamous for removing pages posted by progressive groups trying to organize protests, so this could also have been an entirely in-house decision.

Without net neutrality, the Internet could devolve into a service dominated by "zero-rated apps" such as Facebook and Google ad supported apps rather than websites, with data for anything else strictly capped and expensive. Anyone who is blocked by Facebook and Google would find nobody can afford to use their own websites because they count against data caps lowered to prioritize Netflix, Google, Facebook et all.

Videos linked from here on archive.org are not supported by advertising, would be (and are now) unavailable as "zero rated content," and would count against what could become far lower data caps. They will not be made available on Youtube or Facebook except by 3rd parties. They could become inaccessable except for those willing to pay big bucks to use up and buy more expensive capped data. The "nightmare plan" might be $50 a month for unlimited Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Netflix and your ISP's email with your real name on it, plus 500MB of "general data" with a hard cap.


This 33 second video of the protest would become harder to access without net neutrality

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