Way too many bike cops here


Evening rally on public property at only entrance to dock leading to Manchin's boat

Activists showed up bright and early at 7AM too

Still from Chuck Modi's Twitter video

Photo taken from the water

W Va residents and activists at the pier


Kayakers move in on Manchin's position


Police boat makes reckless close approach, threatens to ram, gets his bluff called

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Greenpeace dropped a banner while kayakers were in the water below(photo from Greenpeace USA twitter)

The start of the Halloween Ride

Bike cops push water protectors off the street while the civil disobedience has it closed anyway

The march passes Trump Hotel en route to the Capitol


Lead banners on Penn Ave


Seen on Capitol Hill: the world has had enough of rich people and white supremacists


Cops dragging people out of a driveway blockade

Arrest inside BIA of a water protector (photo by Jennifer K Falcon via Twitter)


Bike cops surrounding one of the driveway blockades and setting up a corridor for the escape of the arrest vans


ShutdownDC photo of police armored vehicle in the streets. Cops nationally are infamous for violence and brutality against Indignous people

Photo by Hunger Strike 4 Climate Justice