A sHell station with nothing to sell but diesel on the 12th of May

Instant gas line, just add tanker truck full of gasoline. This is like Mad Max...

Wells Fargo: Thou hast summoned the Black Snake!

Rolling oil barrels to the first targetted Wells Fargo branch


Setting up at the first target


Spreading the tar at Wells Fargo #1


The Black Snake arrives at Wells Fargo


Graffiti at a Wells Fargo visited by the Black Snake


Wild rice served Enbridge style-in oil

Still from Alejandro Alvarez Twitter video

Same "MPD are Pigs" sign the next evening. Someone sure has a thin skin!


Photo by DC YLF via Twitter

Deporter in Chief Biden (photo by Julio Ricardo Varala)

The march seen from above (still from Alejandro Alvarez video)

Black Lives Matter DC photo via Twitter

Banging pots and pans outside the DC Jail

This far-right livestreamer was unable to get close to the main protest, while bright lights kept his camera from getting doxxing-quality video from a distance


This is the so-called "first amendment monitor" from California who read the text with some words left out and others replaced to back up her fashy friend

Still from Movimiento Cosecha video