Protesters in downtown Miami against DeSantis

Two of the three protesters who emerged from the Four Seasons after sucessfully getting inside


This image has been widely circulated to mock the 1/2 hour of Twitter dead air that delayed DeSantis's so-called "launch"

The Senator from District 12 seemed to be avoiding her office, as did several other Lakeland and Fl officials that day.


At Ft Lauderdale City Hall

Patriot Front boarded Metro at Glenmont, using only the last car

Photo by Our Rights DC

Two US Marshalls, no Mont County cops in front of Kavanaugh's house


FERC's driveway blockaded(photo by BXEaction)

FERC commissioners protrayed as puppets of Sen Joe Manchin (D but defacto R-Wva)(photo by BXEaction)

Outside the venue (cropped from photo by Our Rights DC)

Still from Dream Defenders video

Up on the fence wall defending the legitimate clinic

Polk County Sheriff's deputy Capt Billy Strickland in green w star on arm participating in the ceremony