Front line in front of the venue

Christian nationalists trying to protest the drag show only to find their amplified speakers could not drown out singing by counterprotesters

Photo By Our Rights DC

Photo by Our rights DC

No Hate like Christian Love (Photo by Our Rights DC)


Photo by Our Rights DC

Fascist livestreamer Chris Nelson slaps at an anti-Fascist's camera (from his OWN video)

Humiliating tiny turnout: three Proud Boys, at least three fascist media personalities, a handful of other anti-LGBTQ fascists

This march appears to be Patriot Front, they linked up with Proud Boys in black and gold to invade the entire neighborhood of a scheduled drag show in Columbus, Ohio

This Twitter post and all postings descended from it are the sole lead as to who is behind the shot-out power substations that blacked out Moore County, NC

What it took to get Terrence Sutton convicted of murder and Lt Andrew Zabavsky convicted of obstruction and conspiracy

Proud Boys (far right terrorists) outside a Jacksonville drag show

After the Proud Boys left early, defenders moved in to take over the space the fascists had been using


One of the Proud Boys with the all-black "no quarter" (prisoners of war will be executed) version of the US flag

HAD ENOUGH after Colorado, bashing back is the order of the day

Proud Boys retreat from a failed attempt to invade the counterprotest space


Just some of the counterprotesters


Fascists on the beach with a Pepe the Frog flag. Pepe the Frog was widely used as a Nazi/alt-right symbol in 2017.


Counterprotesting Proud Boys, Nazis, and religious extremists