On the 22nd of October, the youth/student Climate Strike/FridaysForTheFuture protests began again. Here in DC, protesters marched from Union Station to the Capitol, encountering way too many cops there. After the rally there, protesters were set to march to the White House, backing up the five young folks there on hunger strike demanding action on climate chaos and fossil fuels.

Video-Kayaks, the reckless police boat handling, and a speaker recounts Manchin whining about "noisy" protests 3 min 41 sec

On the 21st of October, protesters in kayaks returned to Senator Joe Manchin(D-W-Va)'s yacht for the second time this month. This was also the 2nd time this week they were at the Wharf. A police boat threatened to ram kayakers but backed off when this bluff was called.

On the 20th of October, the Ambassador of Japan attended some kind of US-Japan gala at a Japanese garden near Rock Creek Park. Protesters both outside and inside were present, bearing a single message: It's time for Japan to stop financing the international coal trade.

Video-scene outside the gala as attendee's cars pass protesters 1 min

On the 20th of October, five young people began a hunger strike in front of Biden's White House, demanding concrete action to limit climate chaos. While Biden plays footsie with Senator Manchin, the world continues to burn, placing the future for these young people in jeopardy. Now they are placing their bodies on the line to fight back.

Video-birddogging and protecting Manchin twice in one day 56 sec

With Senator Manchin trying to torpedo the climate provisions of the budget bill, pro-Earth activists have decided to dog Manchin. Twice on Oct 18 they showed up at the sole entrance/exit from the dock where his houseboat is tied up, hoping to speak with him about the climate chaos he is promoting.

On the 16th of October, the DC Bike Party's Halloween Ride took to the streets. A substantial crowd showed up for this annual event.

Video-Highlights of the Halloween Ride 2 min

Video: two speakers at the home demo 2 min 29 sec

On the 15th of October, protesters showed up at the home of DC Councilmember Brianne Nadeau. Complaints included DC's treatment of unhoused residents, about evictions, and the city's plans for Morton Park.

Promotions for the protest had this to say:

Video: Chuck Modi's video of out of state cops arguing with protesters 59 sec

On the 15th of October, off-duty/out of state cops in DC for a fallen officers memorial hassled and drew engagement from a Black Lives Matter march for Antwan Gilmore. Some of the cops were drunk while calling for MPD to attack the march.

Video-Analysis of Capitol Police bike tactics ast the CD 3 min 9 sec

Update Oct 16:Biden's response: climate package to be removed from budget bill to appease Manchin, GOP

Update Oct 15 evening: Jill Biden interrupted by protest at Terry McAuliffe rally in VA over climate package Twitter report

Video: the scene at BIA, cops force their way through blockades 2 min 41 sec

On Oct 14th, Indigenous water protectors got inside the Dept of the Interior building and occupied the offices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for the first time since the 1970's. Cops got violent, tasering and clubbing people early in the action. In the end,a reported 55 people were arrested and cops had to force their way through blockades surrounding the building to get out with arrestees.

Video-the banners unfurl at "Chamber of Climate Chaos" 49 sec

On Oct 14, the 4th day of People vs Fossil Fuels, Extinction Rebellion DC followed up the morning CD at the White House with a blockade of H st NW and a double banner hang from the US Chamber of Commerce. The US Chamber of Commerce was renamed the "Chamber of Climate Chaos" since they seemingly have never met a fossil fuel project they didn't like.

Video featuring speaker on how the Keystone was stopped 1 min 24 sec

On the 13th of October, water/climate protectors again marched on the White House demanding an end to Federal approval of fossil fuel projects. They also demanded Biden formally declare a climate emergency. Ninety protesters were arrested this time around. Shortly thereafter, activists showed up at the Arlington home of Jamie Pinkham, head of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Video: The CD, a police outrage, and the resulting near-battle 4min 23 sec

On Oct 11, while some settlers celebrated lost seafarer Columbus, Indigenous activsts and their friends descended on the White House for a massive civil disobedience demanding an end to Federal approval of any new fossil fuel projects. Police violated the usual rules of civil disobedience twice, leading to one extraneous arrest-and one unarrest after the supporters crowd fought back.

On Oct 4, protesters showed up at the Embassy of Japan, demanding the new Prime Minister put a stop to recent increases in funding for coal projects outside the country.

Video of dueling protests and the pro-choice civil disobedience at SCOTUS 3 min 54 sec

On the 4th of October, the US Supreme Court began a new session. Christian Fundamentalist made exclusively religious arguments in their antichoice protest outside while pro-choice activists chanted against them and blockaded 1st st. Several of the pro-choice activists were arrested.

Video-marching on SCOTUS and confronting theocrat counterprotesters 4 min 31 sec

On the 2nd of October, the Women's March marched on the US Supreme Court to condemn their decision to uphold the Texas near-ban on abortion. Marchers were measured in thousands, counterprotesters in dozens. The cops penned the march into a dangerously narrow space by the Supreme Court while shouting matches were the limit of interaction with the right-wingers.

On the first day of October, Supreme Court so-called "Justice" Brett Kavanaugh got a second protest at his house over the Texas abortion law he chose to uphold. This time it was mostly his own neighbors, protesting after dark with a candlelight "Vigil for Democracy." Kavanaugh could not leave to escape the protest, as he is in quarantine at his house after a positive covid test.