Latin America and Caribbean Face Greater Pandemic Vulnerabilities According to New Research Map

A new online map highlights vulnerabilities that countries face in Latin America and the Caribbean. Jubilee USA Network and LATINDADD, two groups working on pandemic response, published the new online database detailing growing challenges faced by developing countries due to the pandemic.  

Message for Sunrise Movement

Transcendental Realization in Postmodern America's Spectacle Sitting here in a warm guest room at the Voll Motel in Ukiah, California, staying out of the rain until the end of the month, the ridiculousness of continuing to send out networking messages in order to be active in postmodern American society is even more obvious than ever.  I mean, identifying with the Divine Absolute as opposed to the body-mind complex, how is it possible for this not to be valued?  The rest of society is struggling amidst insurmountable daily challenges, many of which are fatal.  And

Climate Strike protests begin again

On the 22nd of October, the youth/student Climate Strike/FridaysForTheFuture protests began again. Here in DC, protesters marched from Union Station to the Capitol, encountering way too many cops there. After the rally there, protesters were set to march to the White House, backing up the five young folks there on hunger strike demanding action on climate chaos and fossil fuels.

Way too many bike cops here

The Shortwave Report 10/22/21 Listen Globally!

This week's show features stories from  Sputnik Radio, Radio Deutsche-Welle, and Radio Havana Cuba.   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB}        From RUSSIA-  On his program called Going Underground Afshin Rattans

Kayaking protesters show up at Sen Manchin's yacht-AGAIN

On the 21st of October, protesters in kayaks returned to Senator Joe Manchin(D-W-Va)'s yacht for the second time this month. This was also the 2nd time this week they were at the Wharf. A police boat threatened to ram kayakers but back off when this bluff was called.

Video-Kayaks, the reckless police boat handling, and a speaker recounts Manchin whining about "noisy" protests 3 min 41 sec

Photo taken from the water