Emergency Protest held at White House after Gaza hospital bombed killing hundreds

On the 17th of October, a bomb hit a hospital in Gaza City, one estimate for the number of dead was 900 people many of them children. As night fell in Washington and Biden was on a plane to Israel, furious protesters gathered at the White House to denounce the brutal war in Gaza. This protest was one of a great many held around the world.

Video-the rally in Lafayette Square across from the White House 1 min 15 sec

The protest outside the White House in Lafayette Square Park

IfNotNow, Jewish Voice for Peace blockade all White House entrances

On the 16th of October, IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace marched on the White House with an estimated 1,000 protesters or more. On reaching the White House, they divided into multiple units. Each unit took on a separate White House entrance. At one point 13 simultanious blockades were reported. There are about 5 vehicle exits and all were blocked.

Video: Blocking all the White House entrances, the late-day scrum, and the noise disruption of the 6PM WH presser 5 min

Image shot from moving bike while riding to all blockades

Fri Oct 13 DC Bike Party Halloween ride

Friday the 13th was the DC Bike Party's Halloween Ride. Hundreds of riders took to the streets, some bikes were brilliantly lit up and several mobile sound systems were part of the ride

Video: DC Bike Party starting out at Dupont Circle 1 min 6 sec

DC March for Gaza demands immediate cease-fire

On the 14th of October, thousands marched through downtown DC demanding an immediate cease-fire and an end to the siege of Gaza.

Video:thousands march for cease-fire in Gaza 2 min 22 sec

Palestinians and Allies Protest at the Washington Post

On the evening of Oct 13, as part of a global day of action for Gaza, protesters gathered at the offices of the Washington Post in Washington DC. Speakers and chants called out the warmongering Washington Post in particular and US corporate media in general for promoting outright genocide in Gaza.

Video: Palestinians protest at the Washington Post against biased coverage 1 min 42 sec