Line 3 pipeline fight heats up with daily direct actions, serious police aggression in MN

The fight to stop Enbridge's Line 3 tar sands pipeline from crossing Ojibwe lands and potentially destroying the wild rice beds has seriously heated up. For the past week, direct action every day has forced halt after halt to construction, notably stopping Enbridge from "pulling back" pipe under the river by locking to a drilling rig. In response, police have escalated to rubber bullets, chemical weapons, and even rearrests of just released water protectors. There were 19 arrests just on August 4th as water protectors made their stand on the Thief River.

Lockdown blocks drilling under river on July 29

Trade Rep Tai and Major Religious Leaders Hold Historic Meeting on Vaccines and COVID Response

Some of the highest ranking religious leaders met with US Trade Representative Katherine Tai to express support for waiving vaccine patents. The measure, the religious leaders argue, will increase COVID vaccine access for developing countries. 

IMF Approves $650 Billion in Emergency Currency to Combat Pandemic

The IMF Board of Governors convened a special virtual session for final approval of US $650 billion in emergency reserve currency or Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). Countries will receive their share of Special Drawing Rights on August 23rd.

Hundreds arrested as voting rights protesters descend on Hart Building

On the 2nd of August, the Poor People's Campaign's "Moral Mondays" string of voting rights protests culminated in a major civil disobedience centered on the Hart Senate Office Building. Hundreds were arrested outside after the Capitol Police refused to let them enter the building.

Video: Tense moments yield to civil disobedience as protesters roll in on the Hart Building 3 min

Protesters move in on the Hart building

Eviction protesters rally, sleep at US Capitol as eviction moratorium expires

At midnight beginning Aug 1, the national (not the DC local) moratorium on evictions (due to covid) expired. At midnight beginning Aug 1, the national (not the DC local) moratorium on evictions (due to covid) expired. At the same time, protesters held a rally on the steps of the US Capitol demanding extension of the moratorium.

Update: After 5 days of protests new limited eviction moratorium in place

Video-midnight rally on Capitol steps demands eviction moratorium be extended 41 sec

Midnight rally against the return of evictions. Some of these protesters have been sleeping outside the US Capitol