Solo pro-choice activist locks down to SCOTUS fence as antichoice protesters scream

The Supreme Court was widely expected to release their Dobbs (abortion) decision on Monday, June 6 but did not. Antichoice protesters were chomping at the bit, showing up in front of the Court. To their surprise a single pro-choice activist upstaged all of them by hopping the low barrier and locking himself to the high fence. All the antis could do was scream and try to dominate audio tracks.

Video cut from two of Ford Fischer's clips 1 min 53 sec

Solo pro-choice activist locked to the Supreme Court's high siege fence (Photo byFord Fischer)

Video: Clarendon Cup bicycle race returns to N Va

On the 5th of June, Pro and Cat 1 (top amateur) bike racing again came to Claredon, VA. The race, known also as the Armed Forces Cycling Classic, has Boeing as the top sponsor. This is interesting given that bicycles are known for not using fossil fuels and Boeing's products both military and commerical are some of the biggest fuel users on Earth.

Video: One pass of the Clarendon Cup bicycle race through the hairpin turn at the bottom of a long straight 30 sec

Video tomorrow

Police blockade of "private" road forces Gorsuch protests to River Road

Neil Gorsuch is one of the "SCOTUS 6" preparing a formal vote to overturn Roe v Wade. He is also in a stolen seat, thanks to Mitch McConnell blocking Obama's last year SCOTUS appointment. Neil lives in an expensive community with private roads off River Road in MD. On Sat, the 4th of June, protesters arrived on River Road but had to protest at the entrance to the entire community due to a police blockade.

Video featuring song "All you Fascists bound to lose" played at Gorsuch protest 32 sec

Racist Karen demands protesters "speak English" at Amy Coney Barrett home demo

During the Thursday, June 2 pro-choice protest at the home of Supreme Court "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett, a racist neighbor of hers tried to demand that a Black activist on the bullhorn "speak English." This was the second time in the same protest she made that demand.

Video by John Zangas of nasty Karen demanding Black activist "Speak English"

Still from John Zangas video

Community activists restore Miguel Gonzales memorial destroyed by Truist Bank

On the 4th of June, community activsts returned to the fenced-off Adams-Morgan Plaza. Once there, they restored the memorial on the fence to Miguel Gonzales. Miguel was murdered by Truist Bank when they took his blankets while clearing the plaza by force. He died shortly therafter from hypothermia.

Video-setting the Miguel Gonzales memorial back up 39 sec