Protest held at FL Supreme Court as 15 week abortion ban case heard

On the 8th of September, protesters gathered at Florida's Supreme Court as arguments were heard in the 15 week abortion ban challenge. The outcome of this case will determine whether DeSantis's 6 week ban ever goes into effect or not. DeSantis has packed the court, knowing this could undermine his agenda.

Video-protest at FL Supreme Court as abortion ban case heard 3 min 41 sec

Opponents of Cop City(Atlanta) reply to indictments with hard lockdown stopping construction

On the 7th of September, the Atlanta community sent a "fuck you, Russian warship!" style message to the prosecutors behind the Sep 5 grand jury indictments of 61 heroes for opposing the project. Activists invaded the construction site and locked down to bulldozers while passing motorists honked at a support rally. This is a real "put up or shut up" moment, and activists just "put up" in a very big way.

Video from inside the lockdown 2 min 4 sec

Washington Gas owned by MVP investor AltaGas

As part of their "Project Pipes" campaign to shut down Washington Gas instead of giving them a $5 billion subsidy to replace their leaking pipes, Extinction Rebellion DC (XRDC) researched their ownership. On turning over a rock, XRDC uncovered a toxic mess: turns out Washington Gas is owned by Michigan-based AltaGas, an investor in the infamous Mountain Valley Pipeline or MVP.

Neo-Nazi "Blood Tribe" and "Goyim Defense League" terrorise Altamont near Orlando, FL

On the 2nd of September, hard Nazi groups Blood Tribe and GDL never made it into Orlando proper, instead terrorizing people in Crane's Beak Park near their staging area where they left their cars. The walk to Orlando was too much for these "store bought tridents" to consider. Black Lives Matter marches in DC have sometimes walked over 10 miles, neo-Nazi losers apparently are not up for this.

Video:Neo Nazi losers bring back "Jews will not replace us," threaten media to lose pursuit back to their cars 1 min 27 sec

Protest held at Orlando prosecutor's office against DeSantis-appointed new prosecutor

On the 1st of September, protesters gathered at the N Orange Ave office of the Orange County area's state prosecutor. Protesters called out new prosecutor Andrew Bain's extreme right, racist, transphobic, and homophobic agenda of hate. This agenda is being imposed on Orlando over the objection of voters, who did NOT choose Andrew Bain. It is the Federalist Society and DeSantis who selected (NOT elected) Bain.