Trump's soldiers confront peaceful protesters at George Floyd Uprising Day Six

On the 3d of June, National Guard troops from GOP states physically pushed through a crowd of Floyd George protesters standing between their busses and the White House. Protesters marched and rallied all day and the only threats came from Trump, the military, and the police.For all the theats and an 11PM curfew, marchers stayed out until 2AM or later.

Video of troops pushing through protesters, riot cops with grenade launchers behind shields 2 min 11 sec

Troops labelled "US Army" push through the crowd. This turned into a shoving match at the end

Peaceful George Floyd protest defies curfew for 3ed night in row

The Floyd George protests on June 2 stayed peaceful as the police did not choose to start a fight this time around. Trump's choice to gas protesters just so he could walk across H st stunned the world and may have cost him a great deal of cooperation from Mayor Bowser and MPD.

Update late night: video on Twitter of cops or troops firing pepper spray, another video shows cops firing rubber bullets first, water bottles thrown in RESPONSE.

Crowd in front of the White House/ H st nearly an hour after the failed curfew

Burglars fan out, hit shopping areas all over the city as cops focus on protesters

On the 2nd of June, the Washington Post reported that commercial burglaries have soared in parts of DC well away from the protests such as Georgetown and Tenleytown. While cops focus on beating, gassing, and kettling protesters, the looting has moved to safe rear areas free of police.MPD claims they normally get three burglary reports a day but over 150 on Monday July 1 and over 50 on Sun.

URGENT: police attempting to raid houses sheltering protesters after night of cop terror

On the night of June 1, police responded to at least one house on Swann Street sheltering protesters affected by tear gas and exhausted from dodging kettles with an attempt to enter the house. As this is posted cops claim to have gotten a 9-11 call from inside, which is almost impossible. Many residents have opened their homes to shelter protesters from police and the military in a scene reminescent of Northern Ireland during the "troubles."

Police gas and kettle peaceful protesters on 4th day of George Floyd protests

During the day on the 1st of June, peaceful protesters "took a knee" and otherwise protested the murder of George Floyd and so many others by police. Just after Mayor Bowser's 7PM curfew, cops attacked with tear gas, shields, and sticks to split the crowd-so Donald Trump could cross H st on foot to give a speech at St John's Church.

Video-scenes from before the attack, and CNN's clip of the gas attack 2 min 48 sec

An earlier "probing" gas attack came moments after this "taking a knee" moment. The main attack came later

Third night of fighting for George Floyd escalated rather than stopped by Mayor's curfew

The last day of May in DC was another long day and long night of protest. Mayor Bowser declared an 11PM curfew after protesters were not dispersed by police fireworks, but police offensives to enforce the curfew against protesters failed. As police violence escalated protesters responded with force and fire, and one of the fires burned a White House utility shack(wrongly reported on Twitter as a guard shack).

Update:Trump moved to bunker a second time Sun night

Video-police fire flashbangs and deploy gas, curfew fails 2 min 59 sec

Cops holding a useless position fire flashbang at protesters using no force

DC Uprising for George Floyd forcibly blocked from Lafayette, police cars burned in response

On the 30th of May, Donald Trump invited fascists to a "MAGA night" in front of the White House in response to the previous night's protests. No such thing could occur after protesters beseiged the entire area and several times tore down barricades meant to deny access to Lafayette Sq. As police violence and threats of kettles escalated, a dumpster and police car went up in flames. Still further riot squad aggression led to trashing and debris fires in more locations.

Video-scenes from the uprising 2 min 37 sec

Early on this SS car was smashed up near the White House

Arrests and unarrests as George Floyd protest forces White House to lock down

On the 29th of May, a massive march from 14th and U descended on Trump's White House to protest the police murder of George Floyd (neck-in knee/I can't breathe)in Minneapolis. As the action kicked off, police attempted to make arrests, but their first arrest ended with police surrounded by the crowd and having to release their prisoner in order to escape. There were other arrests later, and mainstream media reported the White House had to lock down. Trapped reporters wrote stories about the protests.

Video: The march, the unarrest, the crowds at the White House 4 min 12 sec

Furious crowd at Trump's White House

Suspicious police activity at Franklin Sq homeless camp as DC prepares to reopen

On the 26th of May, several police cars and cops entered the homeless camp at Franklin Square, apparently for the second day in a row. This time around it was US Park Police, there is a report on Twitter showing MPD and National Guard at the same location the previous day. So far not an all-out eviction, exact nature of activity unclear.

Video of Park Police in Franklin Sq homeless camp 56 sec

MD anarchist defies Hogan's string of stay at home arrests by heading to the hills

As of May 2, WUSA and other media outlets report that 35 people have been arrested in MD for defying Governor Hogan's stay-at-home order. In response, a MD anarchist shot a "fuck you" video for the Governor-from the Rocky Mountains, about 2,000 miles farther than Hogan wanted anyone in MD travelling. When police states become unmanagable, people have retreated into the mountains for centuries.

Video-Saying "F you" to Hogan's stay at home from the mountains 1 min 40 sec