Refuse Fascism condemns Trump coup attempt at BLM Plaza press conference

On the 9th of January, Refuse Fascism held a press conference to condemn the Wed, Jan 6 coup attempt by Donald Trump and the storming of the US Capitol by armed fascists. The keynote speaker was Metropolitan AME pastor William Lamar. It was from his church that the Proud Boys stole a Black Lives Matter banner they later burned in the street. Speakers demanded the immediate removal of Trump, who is considered a menace every single day he remains in office.

Video: High points of the conference e.g "the fascist battering ram... isn't going anywhere" 2 min 29 sec

Some fascists still in DC, BLM Plaza hassled again

On the 7th of January, small packs of fascists and Magats were still visible in DC, many of them playing tourist and even some still just across 1st St from the US Capitol. In at least one incident defenders of BLM Plaza were again put to the test.

Video-cops remove Trump supporter from BLM Plaza after attack on sign holder 1 min 5 sec

This man tried to tear down a sign at the temporarily repositioned Black Lives Matter Plaza vigil, only to be escorted out by cops

"City under siege" feel as buildings stay boarded up over fears of MAGAt violence

As 2020 draws to an end, many buildings downtown remain boarded up. For all the city government's begging building owners to remove the boards, the recent bouts of MAGA/Proud Boys violence and fears of Inauguration street battles are keeping the boards up, and more buildings have boarded up since the brutal Dec 12 MAGA/Proud Boys mess.

Video: 2020 in review: Pandemic, uprising, and a violent transition of power

Video: 2020 in review by Iron Snowflake 21 min 16 sec, link is fixed

Content warning! This is the most violent year I have ever seen in DC and the US. Video include two murders by police, the resulting long hot summer of fighting, fireworks used as artillery, and brutal fighting against the Proud Boys on Nov 14 and Dec 12.

One climax of the year: the fall of the Albert Pike statue

Trumpers planning "This is our Inauguration" riot on Jan 6

As if the violence of the last two "Million MAGAt Marches" was not enough, Donald Trump is now telling his supporters to descend on DC as Congress votes to certify Biden's election on Jan 6. He is telling the Proud Boys etc to "get wild" and claiming "this is our Inauguration." In any other country this would be considered a call to a coup attempt, perhaps like Mussolini's "March on Rome."

Promo for Trump's 3ed riot in DC in as many months

Karon Hylton's mother arrested at 4D protesting cops who murdered her son

On Dec 19, Karon Hylton's mother was arrested after confronting MPD cops at their 4D stationhouse for killing her son. This triggered an hours-long siege of the station by protesters ending in the release of Karon's mother. Threats to mace protesters and bike cops riding around to threaten a kettle failed to disperse protesters. In the end, MPD threw in the towel.

Video-Karon Hylton's mother challenging MPD at 4D's front door and being arrested 1 min 20 sec

MPD swarms Karon Hylton's mother

Chuck Modi publishes interview with protesters arrested for stopping a Proud Boy with a gun

“One of the had a gun on them & came charging toward me. This is because MPD allowed them to do what they did the first time. U use mace/tear gas/rubber bullets on us all summer long? Why not them?”

Chuck Modi's interview with a BLM protesters arrested for stopping a gun-carrying Proud Boy 2 min 16 sec

Furious fighting as Trumpers try to invade BLM Plaza after "March for Trump"

The 12th of December saw intense fighting all over downtown DC as another "March4 Trump" descended on the city. The Proud Boys and militias were with them, and attempted assaults on BLM Plaza ranged from minor skirmishes to a full-on charge. By evening, police lines intended to prevent fights had the opposite effect as anti-fascists activists found their access to their own side of the battlefield blocked off.

Video: Overall course of the battle starting mid-afternoon 6 min 53 sec

Smoke on BLM Plaza as attempt by Trumpers to enter BLM Plaza escalates to pitched battle

Trumpers and Proud Boys harass BLM Plaza, start fights all over downtown

On the 11th of December, Proud Boys and Trump supporters started out with small unit harassing runs through BLM Plaza, only to find cops blocking the last half-block N of H st, meaning they had to run the gauntlet in reverse. There were again also cases of people in the streets being jumped by fascists, including a confirmed threat to stab someone by saying "I'm going to cut you."

Video: Trump supporter violently assaulting Black woman on BLM Plaza. Both she and the Black man who stood up to defend her were arrested(Chuck Modi, 4 sec)

This fascist was challenging everyone to fights. Note the unmasked Trump supporters behind him

Trumpers begin attacks on Black Lives Matter Plaza early, on Dec 10

On the 10th of December, a small crew of Trump supporters showed up on Black Lives Matter Plaza and again began attacking signs. They got a single "Fuck the Proud Boys" sign down before activists responded only to be threatened with bear mace. The attackers declined a challenge to a one-on-one fight with their most aggressive and shortly therafter threw in the towel.

Chuck Modi's video of a Trumper with a pistol on BLM Plaza Dec 11 20 sec

Sign damaged by MAGAts on the evening of Dec 10