Apache tribe members and allies rally to save Oak Flat from Rio Tinto's copper mine

On the 11th of March, members of the Apache nation and their allies rallied on Capitol Hill to support the Save Oak Flat Act. This bill would revoke the 2015 "stealth approval" of a land transfer to make possible the proposed Rio Tinto/Resolution Copper copper mine would would destroy Apache sacred land at Oak Flat.

Video: highlights of the speakers 5 min 31 sec

Vigil held in Columbia Heights for likely innocent man executed in Alabama

On the 9th of march, opponents of the death penalty and racist Alabama "justice" system held a vigil to remember Nathaniel Woods. He was executed for a 2004 killing of three cops in a crackhouse in spite of another person being convicted of the same killing stating he acted alone and flat-out evidence of innocence.

Wet'su'weten solidarity protest disrupts Canadian transport minister Marc Carneau at Embassy reception

On the 4th of March, supporters of First Nations Wet'su'weten land defenders disrupted a speech by Canada's minister of transportation Marc Carneau at a "Gresat Lakes Day" reception at the Canadian Embassy. His job makes him responsible for all that railroad shipping that has been halted in so-called Canada by Indigenous and other allies of the Wet'su'weten, who are fighting to block the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline.

Video-the entire protest 1 min 25 sec

Canadian railroad blockades for Wet'su'weten spread to Seattle after Vancouver injunction

On the 16th of February, the Canada-wide railroad blockades and sabotage that have forcibly halted most rail traffic (people and freight) in Eastern Canada and much of it elsewhere spread to the US with a solidarity rail blockade in Seattle.

Railroad blockade in Seattle to support Wet'su'weten resistance to the Coastal Gaslink pipeline (Photo by Matt Remle via Twitter)

Canadian Embassy, Ambassador's home get protests against RCMP pipeline raids on Wet’suwet'en land

Early AM on the 7th of Feb, the RCMP assaulted unceded Wet’suwet'en lands seeking to push through the Coastal GasLink pipeline. 11 Indigenous land defenders and allies were arrested. The weekend brought further RCMP violence and arrests. On the 9th of February, DC area Indigenous people and their allies showed up at the home of the Canadian Ambassador and on the 10th of February at the Canadian Embassy demanding that RCMP withdraw from Wet’suwet'en land.

Video: Protesting at Canadian Ambassador's house, then the Embassy against the RCMP pipeline raids 3 min 40 sec

Feb 9th: protest at the Canadian Ambassador's DC home

Outnumbered antifa delay, obstruct largest DC area Fascist march since Charlottesville

On the 8th of February, between 100 and 150 members of Patriot Front marched under intense pressure from a few dozen anti-Fascist activists from the Lincoln Memorial to the US Capitol and finally the parking garage their vans were waiting in. Every step of the way MPD fought for them while severely outnumbered anti-fascists delayed, heckled, and obstructed their march.

Video-Patriot Front kept from WWII memorial, had shields and lots of police support 5 min 17 sec

Patriot Front stopped by blockade just before the WWII Memorial.

Poor People's Campaign holds street march before organizing meeting

On the 29th of January, the Poor People's Campaign gathered at the Wilson Building, then marched through evening traffic to a church on G st for an organizing meeting. The Poor People's Campaign is building up to what may be a major action or campaign on June 20, 2020

Video of the march 2 min 34 sec

2019 in Progressive Activism

Video compilation of protests and direct actions mostly but not entirely in the DC area as the resistance against the regime of Donald Trump enters its third year. (16 min 58 sec)

BLM marches on FOP for Atatiana Jefferson after rally at MPD

On the 28th of October, Black Lives Matter activists rallied at MPD's headquarters, then marched on the headquarters of the Fraternal Order of Police. They were demanding justice for Atatiana Jefferson and for all other Black women murdered by police.

Video featuring stirring performance by Dick Gregory's daughter (starting 1:46) after opening rally, march on FOP, and a speaker describing their role in convering up police shootings (4 min 10 sec)

In front of MPD's main headquarters

#JUSTICEFORMONTE rally held in front of PG County Police Station

On the 26th of October, Black Lives Matter activists backed by allies showed up in front of the PG County police station on Barlowe Rd in Landover, MD. They were there to demand that the cops who broke Monte's neck during a traffic stops on Oct 17, the proceeded to break his back too be fired for this outrage. There were rumblings the cops would respond with the SWAT unit, instead they mostly stayed inside in shame.

Video: #JUSTICEFORMONTE rally at PG police station 4 min 26 sec