Fridays for the Future holds another climate strike action by the Capitol

On the 23ed of September, the "Fridays for the Future" youth climate strike returned to the area around the US Capitol. In addition to demands directly concerning fossil fuels, demands were made for recognition of Indigenous concerns related to fossil fuel extraction, and for cancelling debts in the Global South in return for the cancellation of fossil fuel projects whose outputs would otherwise go to repayment of those "debts."

Video-Speaker from Our Rights DC on colonization, fossil fuel extraction, and Indigenous rights 3 min 58 sec

Photo by Alex Murphy

MVP Protesters at FERC attempt to scale walls w ladder for banner hang

On the 22nd of September, protesters against Manchin's planned fast-track approval of the long-stalled Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) showed up at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). A serious attempt to get up the side of the building by ladder for a banner hang was defeated by police interference but the point was still made.

Video by John Zangas of cops trying to pull away the ladder 29 sec

Photo by John Zangas

Extinction Rebellion DC targets Public Service Commission over Washington Gas project

Early morning on the 21st of September, Extinction Rebellion DC showed up in front of the offices of the so-called "Public Service Commission." They painted a street murel renaming it the "Department of Climate Chaos" for failing to shut down Washington Gas's proposed $4.5 billion distribution pipe replacement plan.

Photo by Extinction Rebellion DC

"No Sacrifice Zones" protest demands Manchin's pipeline side deal to climate bill be scrapped

On the 8th of September, opponents of destructive fossil fuel projects and especially the Mountain Valley Pipeline descended on Capitol Hill. They are seeking to block Senate approval of Manchin's climate bill side deal to "streamline" permitting for fossil fuel projects and "expedite" the Mountain Valley pipeline. One managed to confront Manchin in person.

Video highlights of the rally including Manchin being questioned in person 1 min 45 sec

Photo by Appalachian Voices

Video emerges of contractor's truck burning after Atlanta Forest defense victory over July 30 attack

Video released by Unicorn Riot has emerged from the successful defense of the Atlanta Forest from a July 30th attack by a contractor with a tow truck and a mini-excavator. The tow truck was demolished and burned, footage in this video of the fire.

Video originally published by Unicorn Riot 2 min 46 sec

Climate Protesters disrupt Congressional baseball game

Less than a day before the Congressional Baseball Game and a scheduled disruption, Sen Joe Manchin caved on allowing at least SOME climate provisions into the big "Inflation Reduction Act of 2022." While CCAN cancelled their plans to disrupt the game, Shut Down DC and other groups did not. Protesters displayed banners inside before storms temporarily shut the game down, while more protested outside. Three people were violently arrested, one tackled by 6 cops.

Video-protest and blockades outside, cops steal banners from protesters inside 1 min 23 sec

Banners up just before storms shut the game down. (Photo by Vincent Vertuccio)

Metro DC DSA disrupts Federalist Society luncheon over SCOTUS decisions

On the 14th of July, the Federalist society thought they would have a suit and tie luncheon to discuss raising more dark money and packing SCOTUS with more "Conservative" judges. The Metro DC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America had other ideas. Four disruptors shouted them down from inside while activists outside picketed the event.

Video: protest outside, disruption inside the Federalist Society's fancy lunch 1 min

Scene inside the Federalist Society's Mayflower lunch as activists stand up and disrupt

Extinction Rebellion DC blockades Washington Gas HQ with boat lockdown

On the 8th of July, Extinction Rebellion DC blockaded Washington Gas's headquarters as part of their ongoing campaign to block a $5B gas pipeline replacement project. This campaign is known as "Electrify DC" and this is the latest in a string of high profile disruptive actions.

Video: Extinction Rebellion's boat blockade at Washington Gas 1 min

Declare Emergency blocks Capitol Beltway

On July 4, as confrontations raged nationally over the nightmare of spreading abortion bans and fundamentalism, Declare Emergency reminded the US that there is still another emergency: the climate crisis. This time around, they blocked the Capitol Beltway to protest unending CO2 emissions.

Still from Ford Fischer video

Tour of Shame marches on GOP Senator's homes after SCOTUS disables EPA on climate

On the last day of June, the Supreme Court released another atrocious ruling, this time gutting the ability of EPA to control CO2 emission from fossil fuel burning power plants. Hours later, protesters staging a "Tour of Shame" unfurled a "We the Corporations" preamble to a new Constitution and marched it from SCOTUS to the nearby homes of several GOP Senators.

Video: Tour of Shame visits the homes of many GOP Senators 6 min 1 sec

"We the Corporations" the Constitution as interpreted by Trump's Supreme Court