Protesters in Tampa, FL demand Mayor Jane Castor cut ties with Israel

On the 16th of November, protesters in Tampa, FL marched on City Hall. This protest organized by Tampa Community Action Committee demanded that Mayor Jane Castor CUT ties with Israel, and meet these demands:

1: Ban cross-training between the Tampa police and IDF/IOF troops.

2: End the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator Program within Tampa.

3: Refrain from using the Tampa police to restrict or silence pro-Palestine protests.

4: Issue public, on the record statements condemning Israel's carpet bombing of Gaza, recognize the current genocide as such, and condemn Zionism.

5: Issue a public call to protect Students for Justice and Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace. These groups have faced extreme harasment from university administrations etc in recent weeks.

6: Issue a public apology for ignoring Tampa's Palestinian community, one of the largest in Florida. Also Jane Castor must apologize for silence in the ongoing genocide inGaza and for her public posts supporting Israel.

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