Fracking/gas export protesters block N Cap st with Tripod near FERC

On the 26th of May, protesters from Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) returned to FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), blocking all known doorways with banners and seeking to shut down this rubber stamp of the fracked gas industry. Everywhere there were calls for reinforcements but none to send-because activsts had quietly slipped away to set up a tripod in the middle of N Capitol St. The resulting road closures and traffic jams effectively barricaded the whole area around FERC.

Video of the tripod sit and surrounding context

Local News

The Twitter post from Anonymous

A Twitter message from Anonymous claims that DC police have been ordered to impose an illegal, de facto curfew on the homeless, arresting them between the hours of midnight and 5 AM. It does not cite a context nor a location. Since there is no legal curfew, these arrests would have to be on made up or spurious "charges of convenience." Alternately they use "evidence" from illegal stop and frisks, known as jumpouts in DC. This kind of spurious arrest was how Freddie Grey got killed. Does DC want a week of protests, riots, and no baseball too?

 Dear Members of the Georgetown University Community, We are writing today to let you know that Westboro Baptist Church has received a permit from the city to picket in the public space outside of the main gates at 37th & O Streets, NW, this coming Monday, April 27th, from 4:00 p.m.