Multiple arrests as protesters blockade, enter AIPAC Convention

On the 1st of March, several protesters were arrested while blocking a door of the Washington Convention Center during the start of the convention of AIPAC, the "American Israel Public Affairs Committee." At first conventiongoers bypassed the blockade by other doors, leading to a determined attempt tp get into the building. Some protesters managed to sneak in while others tried to re-establish the door blockade on the inside of the doors. They were dragged outside by cops, who the conceded the top of the steps to protesters. Finally several protesters were arrested while blocking a door open so the sounds of the protest could be heard more clearly from inside.

Video of the blockade, attempt to set an inside blockade, and later arrests at a blockade holding door open

Local News

On the 5th of March, a "sled free or die" call went out for sledding on the US Capitol West Lawn. US Capitol distributed fliers announcing that sledding was prohibited but as of 2:20PM have yet to make any attempt to back this up with any kind of aggression against the crowd of sled riders.

The Jewish Voices for Peace rally

On the 3rd of March, under freezing rain, Jewish Voices for Peace and other groups staged a final protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nehtanyahu's warmongering speech. One speaker cited a former Mossad chief as bluntly calling the conflict with Palestine the number one threat to Israel, not Iran's nuclear program. Nehtanyahu's speech seems aimed at sabotaging Obama's negotiations with Iran over nuclear energy and forcing war.

During the protest, two supporters of Israel waded into the crowd, argued with a number of people, then suddenly charged out of the crowd and attempted to destory a camera used by an Indymedia cameraman. Their attempt to destroy the camera failed.

Video-long shot of the rally followed by the attempt to destroy the camera

Medea Benjamin asks AIPAC members at "watch party" for Bibi's speech whether they are loyal to Obama or Nehatanyu

On the 3rd of March, Code Pink got into the Longworth House Office Building as Israeli Prime Minister Nehtanyahu gave his speech. Both Code Pink and AIPAC director Cohen then attempted to enter speaker Boehner's office but that one was locked. Code Pink then chased AIPAC's director Robert Cohen through the halls before storming Representative Stivers' office after him.After being driven from the office by cops they managed to boo the speech at a "watch party" surrounded by unhappy AIPAC members.

Youtube video-Code Pink chases AIPAC director, storms Rep Stiver's office