Calvert County still prosecuting anti-LNG export activist for reporting police brutality

Earlier this year, Carling Sothoron and Heather Doyle climbed and hung a banner from a crane at the construction site for Dominion Resources's fracked gas export facility near Cove Point, Maryland. During the extraction and arrest, both Carling and Heather, who are expert climbers, experienced an unsafe extraction by the Calvert County Sheriff's Office and Heather was assaulted during her arrest. After the court proceedings for their action Heather filed an official complaint about their treatment. Instead of holding its officers accountable, Calvert County is now prosecuting Heather for “making false statements to an officer”.

Local News

A show shovel compared to the height of the snow late on Saturday while more was still coming down.

On the 25th of January, many residents in MD were still unable to reach the main roads using their cars. Side streets were not plowed, only packed down by passing SUV's. While cars often could not get out using their tracks, bicycles could, and once the main roads were reached could be ridden almost as in normal conditions. Politicians like Muriel Bowser are still asking people to stay home. They can no doubt summon the National Guard to bring them food by Humvee if they run out, so it's easy for them to demand others stay off the roads.

Video of Ga Ave two days after the snow stopped falling shot from a bike saddle

On the 21st of January, opponents of Bank of America's investments in Dominion's fracked gas export facility at Cove Point showed up at the branch across the street from the White House. Some of them were from Lusby in Calvert County, in the area an accident at the gas plant could incinerate. When one of the activists tried to deliver a letter to the bank manager, the bank refused to accept it and locked their doors in response to several more activists going inside. The bnak branch remained locked and shut down for the duration of the protest

Video from both the team inside Bank of America and the protest outside

On the 15th of January, the Washington Post announced that Wal-Mart is canceling plans to build a "super-center" in SE at the proposed Skyland eminent domain project and in NE at Capitol Gateway. Wal-Mart was quoted as saying “Our experience over the last three years operating our current stores in DC has given us a fuller view on building and operating stores in the District,” perhaps meaning a failure to "capture 100% of the retail market" around each store.