Protesters march in Baltimore as cops who killed Freddie Gray get 1st court date

On the 2nd of September, the six killer cops responsible for the death of Freddie Grey faced a courtroom for their first hearing. Their defense motions to throw out the charges entirely was rejected, but the court severed the cases from each other. Thus there will be six separate cases, none hearing ALL of the evidence. This reduced the odds of convicting any of these murderers. Outside protesters marched and video has emerged of one of them being tackled and arrested by Baltimore's worst. At 6;30PM, protesters returned to the courthouse for the weekly "West Wednesday" protest organized by the family of Tyrone West. Tyrone was beaten to death by Baltimore police after a traffic stop, and no charges were filed against the cops. All of these protests have been peaceful, yet cops glowered and stood ostentatously blocking exit routes.

Video-Baltimore Bloc's and Jessa's clips of protester tackled,Taser held to his neck followed by police charge at crowd

Video-West Wednesday marches from courthouse to City Hall

Local News

Media Benjamin being dragged out of the U.S.-Saudi Investment Forum

On the 4th of September, Saudi King Salman visited the White House. His country is waging war on the people of Yemen and flogging people for trifles. Outside the White House, Code Pink and Yemenis protested that he would have the nerve to show his face in the US. Afterwards they marched to a nearby Saudi investment forum and protested again. Medea Benjamin was dragged out of that event after managing in classic Code Pink style to get inside.

Code Pink video of White House protest against King Salman

Hook used on cows at MD State fair. Looks like a bullhook used by circuses on elephants

On the 31st of August, Direct Action Everywhere activists disrupted the Maryland State Fair where children are brainwashed into objectifying other animals to enable the exploiters to continue profiting from the animal slaughter. Row after row of animals were kept in pens as humans walked by gawking at them. Children aggressively led or rode animals around rings hoping to win ribbons. Animals who resisted, with eyes wide with fear, were forcefully controlled.

Video: Cows abused, activists hustled out of fair

On the 30th of August, Code Pink stages a picnic for peace with Iran and the nuclear deal that Obama has signed but some in Congress are attempting to block. US Park Police and park rangers interfered, demanding that food be served only on the curb, that not even cushions be set on the stone chairs at the chess tables, and that a woman in a chair with health issues either leave or not use the chair, Also, a very interesting dialog resulted with an Iranian resistance group that showed up to protest executions in their country. Code Pink allowed them onstage to speak and agreed with them that capitol punishment is unacceptable anywhere.

Video of police and ranger harassment of both Code Pink and Iranian dissidents