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On the night of June 1, police responded to at least one house on Swann Street sheltering protesters affected by tear gas and exhausted from dodging kettles with an attempt to enter the house. As this is posted cops claim to have gotten a 9-11 call from inside, which is almost impossible. Many residents have opened their homes to shelter protesters from police and the military in a scene reminescent of Northern Ireland during the "troubles."

An earlier "probing" gas attack came moments after this "taking a knee" moment. The main attack came later

Video-scenes from before the attack, and CNN's clip of the gas attack 2 min 48 sec

During the day on the 1st of June, peaceful protesters "took a knee" and otherwise protested the murder of George Floyd and so many others by police. Just after Mayor Bowser's 7PM curfew, cops attacked with tear gas, shields, and sticks to split the crowd-so Donald Trump could cross H st on foot to give a speech at St John's Church.

Cops holding a useless position fire flashbang at protesters using no force

Update:Trump moved to bunker a second time Sun night

Video-police fire flashbangs and deploy gas, curfew fails 2 min 59 sec

Early on this SS car was smashed up near the White House

Video-scenes from the uprising 2 min 37 sec

Update May 31: Protesters return to streets, WUSA reports no curfew on grounds Mayor believes it would not be obeyed.

At 12:01AM on Friday, Mayor 29, Mayor Bowser lifted DC's stay-at-home order, removing the power of police to openly arrest people in disfavored neighborhoods for just for being away from their homes. For those in neighborhoods where police have not used the stay-at-home for harassment, the main change is "back to work" orders for those working in a long line of businesses not deemed "essential" by government.