Mock prison cell burned on Mall in drug war protest

On Saturday night, Nov 21, opponents of the so-called "War on drugs" burned a mock prison cell on the Mall. This was the culmination of the roughly 24 hour "Catharsis on the Mall" vigil.

Photo by Adam Eidinger

Local News

On the 20th of November, three separate Muslim rallies took place in DC. A small rally at the Lincoln Memorial and a very large march to the White House directly protested ISIS/Daesh. Many in the larger protest has US flags, reminescent of the 2006 immigrant rights protests. With politicians calling for blocking refugees from entire states and even a call for internment camps on the table, this is a reminder that the global Muslim community does not support Daesh and in fact that most of those murdered by Daesh are Muslims. In addition, a protest was held against racial and ethic profiling at DHS, with both Muslim and GLBTQ activists present. Police attempted but failed to stop some young African-American bystanders from joining the protest.

Video-police attempt to exclude several young African-Americans from the protest against racial profiling

Video-American Muslims march on the White House against Daesh

A sign held outside Mr Skinner's home

Skanska is a massive multinational construction company that is building a new animal "research" lab for University of Washington. On the morning of Saturday, November 14, activists from the No New Animal Lab campaign showed up at the Stanton, Va home of Stephen Skinner, Executive VP and General Manager of Skanska’s DC office. Grumpy neighbors responded with angry counter-chants while calling the cops and even trying to directly disrupt the protest. Stephen Skinner was caught at home, stepping outside only long enough to stick his "no tresspassing" sign in the lawn.

Saudi Arabia not only beheads people like ISIS/Daesh, these protesters say they are Daesh's gas pump

The government of Saudi Arabia has sentenced Ali-Mohammed al-Nimr to death by beheading followed by crucifixion of his body for participationg in anti-regime protests in 2012 at the age of 17. Six other young men face similar sentences. All of al-Nimr's appeals have been exhausted. Around the world, protesters mobilized at Saudi embassies. One of these protests began at the Saudi Embassy here in DC and marched to the White House. Activists called out Saudi Arabia not only for the planned executions but also as the driving force behind ISIS/Daesh and for genocide against the people of Yemen

Video of the march and a Code Pink speaker