Climate activists disrupt North American Gas Forum

Video of the protest outside, ejection of the inside team, and pursuit of Pyatt's car 6 min

On the 24th of Octover, seemingly all of the area climate activists descended on the North American Gas Forum, with protesters outside and disruption inside. Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources
Geoffrey R. Pyatt was inside hobnobbing with gas barons.

Pyatt was considered a priority target due to Biden's fake "almost declaring a climate emergency." Shortly after disruptors inside were expelled, he attempted to leave only to be immediately pursued and blockaded. His car was blockaded in the driveway, eventually reversing out the back as cops pushed back protesters. Protesters charged around the block, catching him before he could escape the heavy traffic and blocking him again.

At one point in the protests, the Willow project and the Mountain Valley Pipeline were singled out as projects that must be stopped.

There was some low grade police and security aggression but no serious violence on any side. There was a great deal of noise and disruption. The chant of "Natural Gas-my ass!" no doubt raised some eyebrows. The overall action was called "stop the gaslighting" as the gas industry is being charged by activists with quite literally gaslighting the public about the safety and brutal environmental costs of fracked gas.

Chasing Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Geoffrey R. Pyatt's chauffeur-driven SUV

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