Violent Trumpers and Proud Boys returning to DC on Dec 12 for electoral college

The Proud Boys and other violent Trump supporters have announced they are bringing their fights and violence back to DC on the 12th of December. This time their goals are stated as "raze BLM Plaza" and an attempt to pressure the electoral college (meets 2 days later) to toss out the ballets and vote for Trump.

The "StormTrumpers" of Nov 14 are coming back

Grassroots coalition holds 24hr occupation in front of DNC for Green New Deal

On Nov 19, a coalition of grassroots groups, Black, Brown and Indigenous leaders from across the nation, marched on the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in Washington to demand that President-Elect Biden and his administration follow through on a bold agenda to address the climate crisis. This began a 24 hour occupation of the space in front of the DNC.

Video-the march to DNC headquarters 57 sec

Signs destroyed by "StormTrumpers" again returned to White House siege fence

Over two days of hard work on Nov 16 and 17, Black Lives Matter activists again reposted the spectacular artwork on the "Siege Fence" blocking Lafayette Sq from H st.

Video by Black House News 16 sec

Proud Boys Throw Beer Cans at Indymedia videographer prior to assault on DC streets

Video-Proud Boys miss twice throwing beer cans at journalist Luke Kuhn 17 sec

Late night on the 14th of November, Proud Boys at a hotel threw two beer cans at journalist Luke Kuhn, missing with both throws. The jounalist responded to the first terrible throw by making a second pass on the Nazis, and the second miss with a third pass.

One of the Proud Boys winds up for Missed Beer Can Toss #2

Huge Trump rally ends in serious violence, including a stabbing

The Nov 14 "Million MAGA(t) March" over the disputed 2020 election devolved into rioting and assaults by the Proud Boys and other far-right extremists. Mainstream media estimated as many as ten thousand Trump suppporters marched. Afterwards, fights swirled througout the city, as Proud Boys beat several activsts and stabbed at least one. Body armor reportedly stopped another knife attack.

Video of Supreme Court mess, with riot cops facing the wrong way given the threat 1 min 54 sec

Riot cops at Supreme Court face wrong way as violent crowd full of Proud Boys threatens to push over or through the fence

Shutdown DC, Extinction Rebellion protest Trump's election challenge law firm

On the 13th of Novemeber, Shutdown DC and Extinction Rebellion DC gathered on H st and managed to break away from the Trump supporters. They marched a few blocks away to the offices of King and Spaulding, the remaining law firm representing Trump in his efforts to overturn the 2020 election

King and Spaulding represents Donald Trump in his lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results

Video: MAGAt mess on BLM Plaza as trumpers tear down signs, confront progressive protesters

On the 13th of November, supporters of defeated lame-duck "President" Trump descended on Black Lives Matter Plaza. They tore signs off two sections of fence and harassed Refuse Fascism, Extinction Rebellion and migrant rights protesters.

Video-Luke Kuhn confronts Trumper w faux Greek helmet and shield 54sec

Video-cops push progressive protesters after Proud Boys throw water 1 min 34 sec, by Black House News

The Trump supporter with faux Greek helmet, shield

Long-shot GOP case to toss out Obamacare draws protesters to Supreme Court

On the 10th of November, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case brought by GOP politicians in Texas hoping to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Protesters gathered outside, mixing speeches with dances and warning that 20M US residents could lose their health insurance if the ACA is overturned.

Video-dancers at the Supreme Court 42 sec

Scene outside the Supreme Court about 10:30AM

Police attack on DC Fuck the Police march fails

On the night of Nov 7, a "Fuck the Police" march took to gentrified parts of DC chanting "Same shit, different President!" A police attempt to forcibly stop the march on 18th st was defeated.

Video-police attack fails, ends in retreat as marchers scream "MOVE BACK!" 1 min 20 sec

Bike cops turn, try to block march after exploiting a lane opened to let out a car

Defeat of Trump in election triggers VJ-Day style celebrations in DC

Just before Noon on Sat, Nov 7, the big corporate media outlets called Penn and the entire election for Biden. With Trump facing defeat unless GOP state legislatures throw out the votes, DC broke into huge street celebrations reminescent of the end of the Second World War Four years of Fascist terror have hopefully come to an end in the US.

Video: celebrations in DC, Luke on the 4 hard years to get here and what's next 1 min 33 sec

The scene on 16th st at K st facing Black Lives Matter Plaza. Trump to be evicted from the White House on Jan 20