Line 3 protests shut down Wells Fargo, most downtown banks mid-day

On the 7th of May, Extinction Rebellion DC and other groups acting in solidarity with Anishaabe activists marched on multiple downdown branches of Wells Fargo. They dumped fake oil, rolled oil barrels and marched a giant Black Snake in the streets, and tried to give away wild rice soaked in oil. Cops didn't know only Wells Fargo was being targetted, so they blocked entry to all banks near the protests, effectively shutting them down.

Video: rolling oil barrels, spreading tar, marching the Black Snake as banks shut down 6 min 54 sec

Wells Fargo: Thou hast summoned the Black Snake!

Street signs hacked to condemn MPD and Bagshaw during Mayday

As Mayday protests wound down, at least two DC electronic street signs showed hacked messages. One read "MPD are pigs" and the other known modified sign read "Fuck Jason Bagshaw." Bagshaw is famous for among other things commanding police assaults on protesters at 4D after Karon Hylton was chased into traffic and killed by a cop near Ga Ave.

DC Jail gets another noise demo after a prisoner dies there

In the week prior to Mayday, a prisoner trapped in the DC Jail's dungeons died. In response, Decarcerate DC and community activists descended on the jail shortly after nightfall on Mayday for another noise demo and teach-in. Part of the teach-in was about the Attica Uprising, a repeat of which is one of the greatest fears of any jailer or warden.

Video-noise demo at DC Jail 44 sec

Banging pots and pans outside the DC Jail

DC's Mayday march winds from Malcolm X Park to White House

On Saturday, May 1, DC's annual Mayday march began at its traditional Malcolm X Park gathering point and marched to the White House, ending on H st due to the fence still blocking off most of Lafayette Square. It was the 2013 iteration of this same march that so famously stormed the GOP over the Rana Plaza sweatshop building collapse in Bangladesh.

Video-the 2021 Mayday march in DC

Movimiento Cosecha holds massive "Papers, Not Crumbs" march

On Mayday, May 1, Biden's 101st day in office, Movimiento Cosecha marched between and rallied at Black Lives Matter Plaza(focussed on the White House), ICE headquarters, and the Washington Monument. Undocumented migrants travelled by bus from as long as 12 hours away to take part in this protest demanding citizenship.

Video-Alejandro Alvarez's video of the march leaving ICE HQ from above 1 min 7 sec

Deporter in Chief Biden (photo by Julio Ricardo Varala)

Movimiento Cosecha blockades car access to White House over 100 days inaction on migrant rights

In his first 100 days in office, Biden has taken only one substantiative action to reverse Trump's racist immigration policies: stopping wall construction. Children are still being held in cages and deportations are accelerating. In response, on April 30(Biden's 100th day), Movimiento Cosecha blocked the main car access to the White House for over 6 hours before absorbing 33 reported arrests.

Video: setting up the blockade in the White House driveway 31 sec

Still from Movimiento Cosecha video

Protesters march for police abolition in wake of Chauvin verdict

On the 24th of April, Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets nationally to demand that police departments and policing be abolished. It's not enough to convict a single cop for murder when more mostly young Black and Brown people are being shot and otherwise killed by cops every day. One of these protests was in DC, and during this protest it was pointed out that 1 in 3 Black people killed by a stranger is killed by a cop.

Video-cops in Blue Lives Matter masks block Metrobus 57 sec

The march ready to set out

Turkish Embassy hosts rally denying Armenian genocide

During WWI, Turkish forces murdered an estimated 1.5 million Armenians. To this day Turkey denies this genocide. On the 24th of April, 2021 the United States formally recognized this crime as a genocide. Furious, Erdogan 's Turkish Embassy and Ambassador's residence hosted a rally denying the genocide ever took place.

Video of the mess at the Turkish Ambassador's residence with many faces 31 sec

Full HD version same video 31 sec

Genocide denial rally outside the Turkish ambassador's Sheridan Circle residence. This is where Kurdish protesters were beaten in May 2017

Protesters dump manure for Biden's climate bullshit, die-in at Dept of State against oil/gas export

Two Earth Day protests rocked DC one after the other. First, Extinction Rebellion DC marched 20 wheelbarrels full of cow manure (literal bullshit) as close to the White House as they could get it and dumped it. Almost immediately afterwards, Power Shift showed up at the Dept of State backing up Gulf Coast residents protesting oil and gas export-and the nearly 200 export pipelines rammed through their homelands.

Video: XRDC dumps literal bullshit near White House 2 min 8 sec

Video-an Indigenous elder speaks at the State Dept protest wrappered by march-in before and die-in afterwards (6 min 34 sec)

Marching Biden's bullshit back to the White House

BLM Plaza celebrates Chauvin verdict as killer cop goes to jail

On the 20th of April, the verdict came back in Derek Chauvin's case for murdering George Floyd: GUILTY on all counts. As he was led away to jail to await sentencing, celebrations broke out coast to coast. DC's Black Lives Matter plaza was no exception. Music played, people cheered, and a groups of bicyclists came through. Had Chauvin walked this would have gotten quite rough instead.

Video: celebration on BLM Plaza 36 sec