Roberts, Kavanaugh get home demos in still-running campaign

The so-called "Justices" of the Supreme Court are still getting protests at their homes over the death of Roe V Wade on the altar of right-wing Fundamentalist Christianity. On the 21st of September, protesters returned to the homes of "Justices" Brett Kavanaugh (AKA Rapey Brett) and John Roberts.

Video from raw clips by Mouse-protesters at Roberts, then Kavanaugh's houses 53 sec

Protesters disrupt "Heartbeat of Miami" fake clinic network's fundraising dinner

On the evening of the 17th of September, the infamous “Heartbeat of Miami” fake clinic network held a fundraising dinner at Trump National Doral on the outskirts of Miami. While some protesters held a presence outside, two went inside to disrupt the event, got into the ballroom,and raised a ruckus. They were then grabbed by a mixture of Proud Boys, “Trump Police” and actual cops. They were then arrested on spurious charges as seems to be common in Miami.

Video from protest outside including still transmitted from inside 1 min 30 sec

Sen Lindsey Graham gets home demo over his Federal abortion ban bill

On the 14th of September, protesters targetted GOP Senator Lindsey Graham for the seccond day in a row over his introduction of a bill to ban abortion in all 50 states after 15 weeks. This time around, protesters went to his house not far from the US Capitol.

Video highlights of the Lindsey Graham home demo 1 min 25 sec

So-called "Susan B Anthony" forced birth ball featuring Lindsey Graham draws furious protest

On the 13th of September, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill to ban abortion nationwide after 15 weeks. He then showed up at the so-called "Susan B Anthony" ball-a militantly antichoice event that this year is celebrating the Supreme Court legalizaing forced-birth laws w the Dobbs decision. Furious protesters outside made attendees (Graham included) run a gauntlet of screaming activists to get in.

Video including Lindsey Graham spotted by protesters and yelled at 2 min 7 sec

Police harass protesters at "Justice" Alito's house over "noise"

On the 8th of September, protesters again returned to the home of Supreme Court Justice and "witchburner" Samuel Alito. For the first time, Fairfax County police showed up with a dB meter and complained about sound levels.

Video of interaction between Fairfax cops and protesters over sound levels 44 sec

Pro-LGBTQ activists confront Proud Boys, fash as extreme right pressures Miami-Dade school board to drop Pride Month

On the 8th of September, the Miami-Dade County school board held a revote on the question of whether to designated October as LGBTQ month. This has been approved before, but now three school board members opposed by Fl Governor DeSantis had been replaced. Both inside and out the far-right hectored them to drop Pride Month. Meanwhile, LGBTQ activists testified inside for keeping Pride Month, and counterprotested Proud Boys and other fascists outside.

Video-confronting Proud Boys and other fascists at the school board 3 min

Proud Boys throw "white power" hand signs outside the school board meeting

Protesters call out "Justice" Neil Gorsuchs for holding stolen seat on stolen land

On the 5th of September, protesters at the entrance to Supreme Court "Justice" Neil Gorsuch's private neighborhood called him out for occupying a Supreme Court seat stolen by Mitch McConnell from former President barrack Obama. They also called him out for doing so in a Supreme Court that like his house set on stolen Indigenous land.

Video: Calling out Gorsuch for stolen seat on stolen land 34 sec

Still from video by Sadie

Pro-Choice protesters return to Supreme Court

On the 5th of September, protesters again returned to the Supreme Court in opposition to the Dobbs antiabortion decision-and to the efforts by the Koch-funded "Judicial Crisis Network" attempts to criminalize pro-choice protests at the homes of so-called "Justices." The big siege fence is gone but the protesters are NOT.

DC Media Group video 1 min 32 sec

Photo by John Zangas

Racist MoCo cop harasses Black woman at Kavanaugh home demo

On the 31st of August, a Montgomery County cop harassed a Black woman-and ONLY at a Black woman-for momentarily standing still in front of Kavanaugh's house during the protest there. He threatened a no-warning arrest if she again stood still. Another (white or white-passing) protester repeated this "offense" and got no reaction from the same cop or any of the others

Video catching the police harassment (to right side of frame) and cops being called out for racism 28 sec

Photo by Mel

Pro-choice activists chalk Supreme Court lower plaza after big fence removed

On the 29th of August, the Supreme Court's security forces removed the big "siege fence" that had been up since shortly after the May leak of the draft version of the antichoice Dobbs ruling. Activists descended on the plaza to chalk up pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, and anti-Fascist messages.