Lakeland, FL drag defenders DEFEAT Christo-Fascist attempt to halt drag show

Video: Chaos at Lakeland drag show ends in victory for defenders 2 min 30 sec

On the 13th of August, one of Momma Rose's drag shows proceeded unobstructed in spite of attempt by two Christian nationalist groups to besiege and halt it.

Defenders held the property line, forcing the police to keep the attackers at bay on the sidewalk. One was using a bullhorn, unlike others using bullhorns at protests in Lakeland he was NOT arrested, only ordered to shut it up.

Two main groups showed up: some out of town Fundies from Oklahoma, and the same Christian nationalist cult that assaulted a child at Pasco Pride back in February. Some of the latter have a considerable history of violence, including an open sexual assault case. One said "I like pushing people" and proceeded to do exactly that. Also present was a 3%er militia member who admitted to being present at the J6/2021 assault on the US Capitol.

Florida's climate change amplified heat and sun proved more powerful than their alleged faith, and they soon began to melt away. When the last of them left, the drag show was still going on strong, with none of them getting in. All of the drag show attendees and the Queen got in and out totally unopposed.

Christian Nationalists threw everything they had at this drag show short of bats or firearms, and they were utterly defeated. Their objective was to halt the show, the show was totally unobstructed, so they lose and we win.

One of the Christo-Fascists wearing a holster for his BIBLE!

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