DeSantis appearance at Heritage Foundation in DC draws furious protesters

Video-confronting DeSantis at Heritage Foundation 1 min 39 sec

On the 18th of April, genocidal anti-Trans Fl Governor DeSantis showed up in DC at the Heritage Foundation. This while trans kids were arrested in the FL State House trying to stop a bill to allow CPS to take them from their familes and he just signed a 6 week abortion ban. Furious protesters forced him to slink in via the back door-and surprised him there when he left.

Meanwhile concerning FL, DeSantis (known also as "DeSatan" and "DeathSantis" to many) threatened on the same day to build a new prison next to Disney in response to Disney having neutralized his Reedy Creek board takeover. His agenda of hate, family separation, and genocide against trans people has become so unpopular that GOP donors and Congressmen are starting to flock to Trump, even though Trump has been indicted in NYC.

Trump is plenty dangerous too: he won't win the 2025 election but is certain to dispute his loss and go for another bite at the J6 apple. This time, he will have all those "constitutional sheriffs" behind him organizing the far right on a county by county basis. In states like FL, TX, MO, TN and many others, these thugs will have plenty of practice enforcing drag bans, bathroom bills, pushing school boards to ban or even burn books. There are even laws going into effect to use so-called "Child Protective Services" to forcibly remove trans kids from their parents presumably for placement with fundamentalist Christian families for "re-education." This will cause thousands of deaths. Already in Tennesee, many trans folks are sheltering in place due to a drag ban that as a "cross-dressing" law exposes them to arrest on sight. Fears of mass suicide are mounting as this siege of TN's LGBTQ community drags on.

In this environment of pogrom and looming death, Ron DeSantis, the Hitler of Florida, dared to show his face in Washington DC. Protesters were able to confront his motorcade and disrupt his event with noise from outside, and MPD did not escalate to the extend many Florida police departments would have. No kettle in the State House (like in Tallahasse), no holds without bond, no cash bail requirements, none of it. DC is not a place Ron DeSantis can feel at home, nor should it be.

Don't Say DeSantis (Photo by Our Rights DC)

DeSantis slipped out the back, only to have his motorcade confronted in the alley!

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