Atlanta cops raid house, charge "money laundering" for Stop Cop City BAIL FUND

Literally laundering money to demonstrate to Ga Gov Brian Kemp the difference between laundering money and raising bail funds 1 min 46 sec

Video by Boudigga comparing Ga Gov Brian Kemp to the Hunger Game’s President Snow 1 min 38 sec

Heads up! The Atlanta Police Department just raided the “teardown house” and arrested three people for allegedly managing the Stop Cop City BAIL FUND.Supposedly bailing other people out of the Dekalb County Jail is now “money laundering.” I suppose lawyers who don’t argue for their clients to be jailed are next?

This is a MAJOR, MAJOR break with the longstanding rules of engagement of both peaceful protest and of property-damage only direct action. It means the rules as both activists and police have understood them no longer apply, it appears that anything goes.

Mr Brian Kemp,your threats and your provocations are just more fuel into the fires. You have chosen to treat forest defenders as insurgents, so as insurgents some shall be forced to act. That declaration went out on Scenes within hours of your assault on the Teardown House.

THIS is laundering money! Raising funds for bail is NOT

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