Mayor Bowser gets TWO home demos in one night over Deon Kay murder by MPD

On the night and morning of Sep 2-3, protesters showed up not once but twice at Mayor Bowser's swanky home near Rock Creek Park.Demands were that the mayor fire police chief Newsham, and that MPD be defunded and the money redirected to communities.

Video-Sunrise Movement at Bowser's house 3 min 2 sec

Sunrise Movement at their early morning protest at Bowser's house

MPD shoots and kills Deon Kay, protesters besiege 7D

On the 2nd of September, the DC police (MPD) shot and killed 17 year old Deon Kay in SE DC. In response protesters laid siege to 7D, which the killer cop is most likely based at. At one point, protesters chanting "Move Back!" were able to drive the cops into their completely-surrounded station.

Video-protesters chanting "Move Back!" force cops into surrounded 7D 56 sec

Beseiged cops retreat into their surrounded station (still from Ali Eslami video)

Photos confirm MPD fired stingball grenades Sat night (Aug 29)

On Sep 1, photos were published on Twitter confirming that MPD used stingball (rubber pellet) grenades late night on Saturday, Aug 29 against protesters on and around Black Lives Matter Plaza. One protester ended up in the hospital after one of these rubber balls penetrated their leg, and several more with metal fragments in their eyes, possibly from the detonators within the grenades.

Remnants of stingball grenade detonation

Video: Cops fire gas, rubber pucks at marchers on BLM Plaza 2nd night in a row

On the 30th of August, DC police assaulted protesters on Black Lives Matter Plaza with tear gas and rubber pucks fired from guns for the 2nd night in a row. Shortly therafter, bike cops attacked, making multiple violent arrests. A total of 14 arrests were reported by the end of the night.

Video: police attack marchers for 2nd night in a row 2 min

Tear gas rises over Black Lives Matter Plaza as cops open up on protesters(Photo by Alejandro Alvarez)

Day of marches ends in major police violence on Black Lives Matter Plaza

August 29th was a day of marches and protest that ended in shocking police violence. Here in DC, almost as soon as cops were no longer kept busy by the Fuck the Police march targetting upscale diners elsewhere, a blizzard of tear gas and rubber bullets was unleashed against protesters at Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Video-police smash the snack van's windows 1 min 10 sec

A cop smashes the drivers side window of the snack van with a billy club(still from Wyatt Reed video)

Scenes from the Get Your Knee Off Our Necks march

On the 28th of August, National Action Network held a massive "Get Your Knee Off Our Necks" march in DC. Huge crowds streamed into the Lincoln Memorial area starting early morning, and marchers circulated all over DC afterwards well into the night. At one point well after the main march, all DC bridges over the Potomac were reportedly blocked at once.

Video-scenes from the rally and initial very large march 1 min

Unmarked SUV full of ATF cops spotted at Trump speech protest

On the 27th of August, a Portland-style unmarked SUV full of what turned out to be ATF agents was spotted on 15th st as protesters hammerd Trump's RNC nomination acceptance speech. On that same day in Kenosha, WI, cops from a similar unmarked SUV arrested the Riot Kitchen, which served food to protesters.

ATF agents (yes, they did Waco) in unmarked SUV on 15th st

DC Bike Party rides on eve of major protest against Trump's nomination speech

On the 26th of August, the DC Bike Party took to the streets to open the coming weekend of protests against Trump's GOP nomination acceptance speech.

Video originally posted by Wyatt Reed to Twitter of bike party circling Freedom Plaza 1 min 41 sec

Still from Wyatt Reed video of DC Bike Party circling Freedom Plaza

Hundreds march in DC to protest Jacob Blake shooting

On the 24th of August, hundreds marched from Columbia Heights to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake by police in Kenosha, WI. At one point protesters chanted "Seven times" referring to the 7 times the pigs shot Jacob Blake.

Video-"take it to the streets and fuck the police! 40 sec

Photo by Fredrick Kunkle WaPo