MAGAts and a few Proud Boys protest ongoing arrests and prosecution of J6 insurgents

On the 17th of July, about 100 Trump supporters including members of the Proud Boys returned to DC to protest the ongoing arrests and prosecutions of themselves and others for the violent Jan 6 attempt to forcibly overturn the 2020 election by storming the Capitol. They showed up at DC Jail, where some of their own have been held without bond.

Organizers asked those attending to leave the MAGA hats (as well as rifles, body armor, batons, zipties, etc) at home, hopefully due to their being associated in DC with violent assaults on random bystanders. As a result, some of the attendees wore plain bright red hats as an obvious standin for MAGA hats. The MAGA hat is to Donald Trump as the swastika is to Adolf Hitler, and it's worth remembering that pro-Holocaust signs as well as Confederate flags etc were seen in all three MAGA/Proud Boys invasions of DC last Fall and Winter.

There is also a strategic/legal precedent aspect to the J6 cases: Prosecutors are learning lessons as repeated disputed elections turn people out in the streets, and next time around may well be the Left and progressive activists again protesting a Donald Trump inauguration, most likely after a stolen election. The recent slew of GOP voter suppression laws and state laws to allow legislatures to throw out popular votes in close/disputed elections would have swung the 2020 election to Trump. Trump has said many times he will run again in 2024, and news outlets including the Washington Post have forecast a successful stolen election or coup unless Federal voting rights legislation is rammed through.

Thus, the most likely use of legal precedents stemming from any jury trials ending in convictions and jail time for J6 insurgents is against protesters against a Trump inauguration in 2025. On the other hand, if all the J6 defendents who went to trial walked after using "the President told me to do it" as their defense, prosecutors would have no choice but to go after Trump himself if anyone is to be held accountable for the violence and five deaths of J6. A felony conviction would disqualify Trump from running for President again, and it is possible he would pass that Tiki torch to a less effective demogogue.

Washington Post Report:

Still from Ford Fischer video of the MAGAts at DC Jail

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