DC Jail gets another noise demo after a prisoner dies there

Video-noise demo at DC Jail 44 sec

In the week prior to Mayday, a prisoner trapped in the DC Jail's dungeons died. In response, Decarcerate DC and community activists descended on the jail shortly after nightfall on Mayday for another noise demo and teach-in. Part of the teach-in was about the Attica Uprising, a repeat of which is one of the greatest fears of any jailer or warden.

Two far-right "journalists" attempted to interfere with the protest but were effectively kept out of range. Bright lights kept a livestreamer from zooming in on faces while activists blocked him from getting any closer. meanwhile a "First Amendment monitor" apparently teamed up with him, and made a laughable effort at selectively reading the First Amendment. Never did she utter the words "Congress shall make no law" that limit the scope of the amendment to government. Her press ID (read by a zoom camera) states she is from California, making her team's presence even more of a mystery.

Banging pots and pans outside the DC Jail

This far-right livestreamer was unable to get close to the main protest, while bright lights kept his camera from getting doxxing-quality video from a distance

This is the so-called "first amendment monitor" from California who read the text with some words left out and others replaced to back up her fashy friend

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