Cannabis for the Treatment of Cancer - Scientific Details in Report

Cannabis for the Treatment of Cancer - Scientific Details in Report

DCMJ activists give out pot seeds near White House

On the 16th if April, DCMJ's full cannabis legalization activists returned to the White House, only to find Penn Ave closed, no doubt in fear of a return of the famous "51 foot joint." Undeterred, they headed to the H st side of Lafayette Park and give away cannabis seeds for free. The demand on the White House was simple: take cannabis off the DEA's "Schedule 1" total ban list.

Video of the cannabis seed giveaway near H st by the White House

Giving out cannabis seeds by the White House

Cannabis legalization activists carry 51 foot "joint" to White House

On the 2nd of April, activists demanding that cannabis (marijuana) be removed from the DEA's "Schedule 1" classification marched on the White House carrying a 51 foot long mock joint. At the White House, cops claimed it was a "security threat" and it had to be carried back out. Activists then proceeded to defy the still-actve Federal ban on smoking pot on Federal government owned land. Two tickets were issued but there are no reports of actual arrests.

Video posted by DCMJ of the 51 foot "joint" in front of the White House

Still from DCMJ video declared by posters "available for unrestricted media use"

51 foot joint at the White House

Mock prison cell burned on Mall in drug war protest

On Saturday night, Nov 21, opponents of the so-called "War on drugs" burned a mock prison cell on the Mall. This was the culmination of the roughly 24 hour "Catharsis on the Mall" vigil.

Photo by Adam Eidinger

July 4 pot legalization march faces fences, checkpoints, troops

Every July 4 there is a cannabis legalization march from the White House to a concert on the Mall near 23ed st. The march demands an end to all federal, state, and local laws persecuting pot users. Since 2002 the march has had to pass through police checkpoints to get to the concert site. This year there were an unusual number of troops and military vehicles in the streets as well as all those "Freedom American Style" bag search checkpoints.

Video of the pot parade on the Mall(2 min 15 sec)

Pot parade passes fence, troops, checkpoint

The Shortwave Report 05/01/15 Listen Globally!

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SOA Watch protests "war on drugs" inside Sen Rubio's office

On the 24th of April, School of the America's Watch activists culimnated several days of lobbying with a direct action protest inside Sen Marco Rubio's office, calling him out for failing to oppose the failed "war on drugs" that has caused spiraling violence violence in Mexico and elsewhere.

Photo by SOA Watch