AHF protests Pharma's attempt to kill low income drug pricing program

On the 22nd of October, Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) showed up outside the offices of PHARMA to protest efforts by brand-name drugmakers and those Congresscritters to kill off the 340B program that provides reduced-price drug access to programs serving the poor. Some of the protesters wore pig noses symboilizing Pharma's greed. Pharma is the pharmaceutical industry lobby known or such things as injecting drug patent extension language into trade deals like the TPP. Now they are being hammered for trying to deny people who are not wealthy access to drugs treating diseases like HIV. Gilead was singled out for charging $28,500 a year for HIV treatment Stribild.

33 Sec video of the picket

No to Big Pharma's greed!

Reportback from Sunday AIDS march on Washington

This event was NOT the Tuesday, July 24 mobilization, but rather a mass march that kicks off the massive International AIDS Convention.


That convention is in the US for the first time in 23 years, thanks to the lifting of a visa ban on people testing positive for HIV. Unfortunately non-US sex workers who were supposed to participate in the convention were still denied visas.