MAGA neighbors of Amy Coney Barrett chalk antichoice messages as protesters arrive

On the 7th of October, yet another protest at "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett's house encountered opposition from far-right neighbors. The pro-Nazi and pro forced birth messages they chalked on the trail to Amy's block were no surprise given racist and misogynistic statements made at prior protests by Karens and Kens who live on Amy Coney Barrett's block.

Marchers call Barrett "a politician in a robe" 10 sec by Our Rights DC

"Ultra MAGA" on Twitter means swastika-waving hard Nazis who support Trump. This was posted by one of Amy Coney Barrett's neighbors

Rally for trans and gender expansive students held before Fairfax County school board meeting

On the 6th of October, a meeting of the Fairfax County school board at Luther Jackson Middle School included an agenda item of favorable concern to transgender students. A rally was held prior to the meeting in support of this agenda item and more generally to protect trans and gender expansive students from the current wave of hate and attacks. Only a half dozen presumed Christian Nationalists dared counterprotest.

Video contrasting the big rally turnout w the tiny counterprotest by religious extremists. 1 min 3 sec

Oct 5 Kavanaugh Roberts Home Demos trouble free/no harassment

Whoever commanded the Montgomery County police presence at last week's Kavanaugh protest seems to have been replaced after all the videotaped harassment and threats. This time around, the Oct 5 Kavauagh and Roberts residential protests went smoothly, with no harassment or problems of any kind.

Video of Oct 5 Kavanaugh and Roberts home demos 1 min 59 sec

At "Rapey Brett" Kavanaugh's house

Press conference by fetus stealing PAAU disrupted at DOJ

On the 5th of October, so-called "Progressive Anti Abortion Uprisng" (PAAU) held a press conference at the Dept of Justice to decry the Federal prison time they may get for storming abortion clinics. Two pro-choice counterprotesters called out their hypocrisy, one responding to their whining about Jane's Revenge with "Jane is watching!" The entire event was livestreamed so this is certainly true.

Video-Disrupting PAAU, calling out their keynote speaker Randall Terry 4 min 4 sec

PAAU's keynote speaker: the infamous Randall Terry of Operation Rescue

DC marches in solidarity w women's uprising in Iran

On the 1st of October, Iranians marched in DC and many other US cities in solidarity with the hard-pressed fighters in the women's uprising against theocracy in their home country. Local activists turned out to support them. The uprising began when security forces murdered Mahsa Amini over a veil worn "improperly." Much like police murders in the US, this has set off a firestorm of resistance.

Video highlights of the march 1 min 47 sec

Marchers and the overall "Woman Life Freedom" theme