Why I'm ditching my comfy Canadian lifestyle for Ukraine


When traveling to Ukraine, among the essentials I pack is a small, rolled-up image my 'tato' (father) sketched in 1950 that he called 'memories of Batkivshchyna' or 'homeland.' 

The picture of a quaint village was based on Bohdan Bociurkiw's memories of living in western Ukraine as a student and scholar, shortly after he left a refugee camp in Europe and migrated to Canada in 1947.

Kavanaugh/Roberts protesters undeterred by rain,drama, heightened security

On the 8th of June, thunderstorms,heavy security, and the day's earlier drama all failed to deter peaceful protesters from showing up at the home of Supreme Court "Justice" and rapist Kavanagh and his co-conspirator "Justice" Roberts. The protesters were there to do exactly one thing: name and shame Kavanaugh and Roberts for their crimes.

Video: Protesters face lines of cops but no conflicts 1 min 45 sec

Lots of cops but no trouble at the Kavanaugh home demo

Extinction Rebellion takes over DC Council in full hazmat suits against gas project

On the 7th of June, Extinction Rebellion DC activists in full hazmat suits took over the DC Council chamber while the council was in session.They used a loudspeaker to play Antonio Guterres's speech before the UN demanding an end to investments in new fossil fuel infrastructure, then chanted "DMV, gas free!"

Video from XRDC's Twitter clips 41 sec

Extinction Rebellion DC photo

Trump's name GONE from Old Post Office building

In Spring 2022, Trump threw in the hotel towel in DC, selling his hotel lease to an investor's group from Miami. As of June 2022, his ugly name is finally GONE from the facade of the Old Post Office Building. After years of fighting and a year of relative peace, the presence of Trump has been removed from Penn Ave.

The Old Post Office Building without the garish and ugly Trump nameplate

"Justice" Alito displays "Freedom flag" as pro-choice activists march past his house

On the 6th of June, pro-choice activists returned to the VA home of antichoice SCOTUS "Justice" Samuel Alito. This time around, Alito had a "Freedom" flag commonly seen at far-right rallies on the flagpole outside his house, easily identifying his residence. To fly such a flag while trying to take freedom away from all women in the US is the height of hypocrisy.

Video-protesters march by Alito's house as so-called "Freedom" flag flies 1 min

"Freedom" flag on display at Alito's house as protesters demand he abandon his efforts to destroy reproductive freedom.