"Genocide Joe" Biden's Gaza war speech draws noise protest

On the 19th of October, Biden gave an Oval Office speech trying to link his "all-in" support for Israel's war in Gaza to the ongoing war in Ukraine. A half dozen noisy protesters gathered as close to the White House press area as they could get with bullhorns and drum, denouncing Biden as "Genocide Joe."

Video: protesting "Genocide Joe's" Gaza war speech 1 min 46 sec

Beyond Extreme Energy organizer punched at "Petro Pete" protest

Climate Defiance has been bird-dogging Biden's secretary of transportation Pete Buttigieg. He is known as "Petro Pete" for his support of the oil and gas industries. At a protest presumably on Oct 19 (the day this video emerged), one of the staffers PUNCHED a Climate Defiance organizer in the face.

Climate Defiance organizer punched at "Petro Pete" protest 2 seconds

Palestinians and allies hold furious protest for Gaza at Israeli Embassy

On the 18th of October, capping an already busy day of protest against the Israeli war on Gaza, protesters infuriated by the bombed hospital the day before and reported bombing of a US school as well as the total siege and air assault on Gaza crammed the street in front of the Israeli Embassy. The name of US President Joe Biden was greeted with a chorus of boos after his trip to Israel. He was charged by speakers with making this effectively a joint US/Israeli war on all Palestinians.

Video: furious protest at the Israeli Embassy 1 min 55 sec

Gaza solidarity banners dropped over N Capitol Street

On the 18th of October, two banners supporting the beseiged people of Gaza, Palestine were dropped over DC's North Capitol Street, a busy commuter route

Pro-Palestine banners over North Capitol Street underpass

Jewish antiwar activists march on Capitol Hill, hold CD, get called "insurrectionists" by MTG

On the 18th of October, Jewish activists notably including Jewish Voice for Peace chanted "Never Again!" and "Cease Fire Now!" as they marched up Capitol Hill to the Longworth and Cannon House Office Buildings. Marjorie Tayler Greene called these peaceful protesters insurrectionists. There was civil disobedience inside the Cannon Building but no violence thus no insurrection.

Video of the march and the front line outside the Cannon Building 1 min 57 sec