Community activists protest Truist Bank's fence, closure, and plans for Adams-Morgan Plaza

On the 17th of June, DC community activists rallied in front of Truist Bank in Adams-Morgan before marching to Adams-Morgan Plaza. At the plaza, they restored the memorial to Miguel Gonzales that Truist Bank had again destroyed. Afterwards the march proceeded though the streets to Dupont Circle.

Video: activists march on the plaza, again rebuild monument to Miguel Gonzales 2 min 16 sec

Reportback from June 16 protest at literal Handmaid Amy Coney Barrett's house

Supreme Court "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett is nearly as famous for her "People of Praise" membership and former title of "Handmaid" there as she is for being one of the Nine on the Supreme Court. On the 16th of June, protesters including one in a "Handmaid's Tale" costume again returned to her house, as they have been doing every Thursday around 7PM for weeks.

Video-Protesters call out People of Praise Handmaid Amy Coney Barrett 1 min 9 sec

Reportback from June 15th Kavanaugh/Roberts home demos

On the 15th of June, antichoice Supreme Court "Justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts got another round of protests at their homes. As always these protests were entirely nonviolent. They have however made the far right and antiabortion movements scream so loudly as to imply a "saturation" effect, meaning that most (possibly all) of the possible effect of any form of protest is already being achieved with the mildest of tactics.

Video-protesters at Kavanaugh's house march past police lines of both MoCo cops and US Marshalls 1 min

Approaching Kavanaugh's house

Pro-choice demonstrators march on AT&T over OAN hosting, millions donated to antichoice groups

On the 15th of June, pro-choice activists marched from the Supreme Court to a downtown office of AT&T. AT&T has been the largest single corporate donor to PACs and politicians behind abortion-banning "trigger laws" which go into effect if Roe is overturned (as is now likely). In addition, AT&T has hosted pro-Trump "One America News" on Direct TV, which is to the right even of FOX. Direct TV has been responsible for 80% of OAN's revenue.

Video-confronting the AT&T "Death Star" over funding "trigger laws," hosting OAN on Direct TV 1 min 22 sec

Protesters return to Supreme Court "Justice" Alito's home hours after SCOTUS disruption

On the 13th of June, just hours after Shut Down DC's protests at the Supreme Court, protesters again returned to the home of Supreme Court "Justice" Alito. He is held in special contempt both as the author of the leaked SCOTUS draft Dobbs decision and for citing Matthew Hale in that draft. Matthew Hale was a 17th century judge who sentenced two women to death for witchcraft. Now the "witches" are back!

Video: protesters march up and down the street in front of Alito's home 1 min 45 sec

Home of would-be witch burner Alito, with the usual guard since the home demos began