Park Police raid destroys McPherson Square tent city

In recent months, McPherson Square had hosted a tent city set up by those evicted by Mayor Bowser's sweeps of so many other camps. On Feb 15, US Park Police and biohazard-suited trash collectors stormed McPherson and destroyed the tent city, evicting everyone and arresting two people who stood their ground.

Update Feb 17: Washington Post(disable js to bypass paywall): DC Admits only two former McPherson residents got permanent housing, 20 got temporary housing, 50+ scattered and still sleeping outside

Update Feb 16: Report on Twitter NPS had inserted undercover cops into the tent city

Video: Biohazard suited cowards protected by Park Police load tents into trash trucks, a veteran is arrested for standing his ground 1 min 41 sec

Video-McPherson resident stands his ground with constitutional arguments against tent city eviction 5 min 9 sec

NPS promised to store people's belongings. This storage of course was in the trash truck, transfer station, and landfill or incinerator

DC activists protest Wells Fargo, Cox Enterprises support for Cop City

On the 9th of February, the fight against Atlanta's "Cop City" police training range proposed for the Weelaunee Forest again came to DC. Protesters marched on Cox Enterprises (owner of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper), and on Wells Fargo(a major funder of the project) with just one demand: Drop Cop City!

Video from raw clips by Extinction Rebellion DC 30 sec

Photo by Shut Down DC

Our Rights DC protests on State of the Union motorcade route

On the 7th of February, Biden gave his annual State of the Union address, with barely a mention of abortion or trans rights. On the motorcade route outside, Our Rights DC held down, demanding that the ongoing state of emergency (which allows for Federal assistance) for covid not be lifted. Also there was talk after Dobbs of declaring a public health emergency over restrictions on abortion killing women, so abortions could be performed on military bases etc in abortion ban states.

Video of motorcades passing ORDC 1 min 30 sec

Demanding that multiple ongoing public health emergencies continue to be recognized (photo by Our Rights DC)

Cops backed by National Guard assault GA's Weelaunee Forest-AGAIN

On the 6th of February, Ga cops launched yet another raid on the Weelaunee Forest, which is defended by Atlanta Forest Defense/Stop Cop City To this date no raid has succeeded in clearing and holding the site in spite of bullshit "domestic terrorism" charges and the murder of forest defender Tortuguita on Jan 18.

Video originally posted by John Spink to Twitter of stormtroopers unloading near the Forest 10 sec

Christian nationalists/Nazis forced out of Pasco Pride in FL

On the 4th of February, several members of the same extreme-right Christian cult that harassed the Dec 29 Clearwater drag show turned up at Pasco County FL's Pride event. They harassed Pride attendees and screamed that people were going to die, going to burn, and going to Hell. Eventually one of them lunged at a child attending Pride with their parents, drawing instant counterattack.

Video-confronting religious extremists at Pasco Pride 2 min 12 sec

"Bubble guns" have been used at the SCOTUS protests. Here in FL a bubble cannon is being used to foam down fiery religious terrorists like so much burning jet fuel on an airport runway