Tampa music venue Brass Mug postered as Proud Boy-fronted band Trapt plays

On the 24th of February, Trapt played at the brass Mug in Tampa. Trapt's lead singer is a Proud Boy, and his public pro-Fascist statements have cost the band a drummer (who quit over this shit) and many cancelled shows. While one of the opening acts played, anti-Fascist activists entered the venue parking lot and posted fliers directly on the walls of the brass mug.

Video-posters go up on the venue walls as Proud Boy fronted band Trapt plays 1 min 8 sec

"Justice" Alito gets another home demo

On Sunday, the 19th of February, Supreme Court "Justice" Alito get yet another protest at his northern VA home. Protesters emphasized that he stands for theocracy and is a threat to the lives of trans folks as well as his infamous authorship of the antiabortion Dobbs ruling

Video: protesting at and around Alito's house 1 min 30 sec

Silver Spring DQSH defenders defeat pushing, shoving Proud Boys

On the 18th of February, Proud Boys failed in an apparent attempt to physically bull their way into Silver Spring, MD Drag Queen Story Hour. For all the fighting outside the show went on inside with zero disruption!

Video: Rainbow dressed Parasol Patrol holds their own against pushing, shoving Proud Boys 1 min 37 sec

Still from video from raw clips by Our Rights DC

Both GA Senators get Stop Cop City residential protests at their DC homes

On the 18th of February, outraged activists descended on the DC homes of both of Georgia's Senators demanding action to stop the infamous "Cop City" police training range in Atlanta's Weelaunee Forest. This is in memory of Turtuguita ("Little Turtle") who gave his life defending the woods. Since then the National Guard has descended on Atlanta and a firestorm of retribution has been meted out by activists from coast to coast. Even in the DC home demos the chant changed from "shut it down" to "burn it down" and warnings were issued Cop City would never be built and never be defended if it ever is.

Video: Both GA Senators get home demos, speakers were furious2 min 50 sec

Frontlines to FERC brings Gulf Coast residents to DC to protest dangerous LNG facilities

On the 16th of February, Texas and West Louisiana residents threatened by LNG projects and pipelines showed up at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). FERC is infamous as the oil and gas industry's rubber stamp, and is now planning to allow Freeport LNG to restart their Texas LNG export facility that exploded less than a year ago in June 2022.

Video-speakers recount the Freeport LNG blast, demand banks defund these projects 3 min 1 sec