Scrum over right to choose at SCOTUS as 5 more opinions (but no Dobbs) released

On the 21st of June, so-called "Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising" (PAAU) fetus-stealing antichoice zealots faced off in a point-blank shouting match against pro-choice activists outside the Supreme Court.

Video-showdown at SCOTUS against PAAU and abortion bans 2 min 15 sec

One of the antiabortion extremists with a "fetus," this time apparently a plastic one

Weekly pro-choice protests at "Justice" Alito's house continue

On the 20th of June, Supreme Court "Justice" Alito got yet another in the weekly protests in front of his house. He has a pro-Trump "Freedom flag" in front of his house which replaced the US flag the day Trump was defeated in 2020. He cited 17th century "jurist" Matthew Hale in his draft decision to overturn Roe. Hale is infamous for developing the doctrine that men could legally rape their wives-and for two executions of women for witchcraft.

Video: June 20 protest on Alito's block and in front of his house 35 sec

Black Bodies for Black Power march demands abortion rights at the US Supreme Court

On the afternoon of the 18th of June, the Black Bodies for Black Power march arrived in strength at the US Supreme Court. Marchers were demanding bodily autonomy and in particular abortion rights for Black Women. It is widely known that antiabortion prosecutors in MAGAT states will focus much of their fire on women of color.

Video-the march arrives at the Supreme Court 30 sec

Scenes from the Poor People's Campaign rally

On the 18th of June, the Poor People's Campaign returned to Washington DC, this time for a single massive rally on Penn Ave. The rally area stretched from 3ed at to 6th st NW

Video-scenes from the PPC rally 52 sec

Protesters at Clarence Thomas's neighborhood invoke Ginni Thomas's J6 connections

On the 17th of June, pro-choice protesters again showed up at the entrace to Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas's closed-off neighborhood. This time around, protesters invoked the revelations of communications with Trump's pre-J6 lawyer John Eastman by Clarence Thomas's wife Ginni Thomas.

Video by Downright Impolite 18 sec

Still from Downright Impolite's video