Protesters in Tampa, FL demand Mayor Jane Castor cut ties with Israel

On the 16th of November, protesters in Tampa, FL marched on City Hall. This protest organized by Tampa Community Action Committee demanded that Mayor Jane Castor CUT ties with Israel, and meet six demands listed in the article below

IfNotNow/JVP blockade of DNC gets violent police assault, DNC evacuates in fear

On the 15th of November, an IfNotNow/JVP blockade of the DNC's doors was met with overwhelming police violence and pepper spray. At least one person was thrown down the stairs. Online trolls and pro-Israel members of Congress claimed that protesters were storming not blockading the building, video evidence says otherwise. Some even claimed this was an "insurrection." as MTG did a month ago, With Dems believeing their own hype, the DNC was evacuated.

Incredible footage of the DNC blockade, including the closeup of the blockade that proves the cops and Bran Sherman are lying 3min 30 sec

Still from the video, from Haneefsaeed's clip proving the fight was a violent police attack on a blockade

Atlanta: Block Cop City stands up to shields and gas, 8 lock down to construction equipment

On the 13th of November the Block Cop City march faced off with cops near Weelaunee Forest. The cops lacked the courage or maybe the strength to fight the banner wall protected wedge formation at the lead of the march shield to shield. Instead, they opened up with tear gas and flashbangs. This failed to end the march-and 8 protesters got through and locked down to construction equipment.

Video of the march and police violence 3 min 45 sec

Die-in at White House protests wholesale murder of Palestinian children

On the 11th of November, protesters horrified by Israel's wholesale slaughter in Gaza held a die-in at the White House, complete with what appeared to be dead children in burial shrouds. This was on the day the death toll in Gaza(population is 1/2 children!) passed 11,000.

Video:musicians play after dark at the die-in 32 sec, by Our Rights DC

Photo by Our Rights DC

Pro-Gaza march and boats take Tampa, FL Riverwalk

On the 11th of November, another big Gaza march took over Tampa's riverwalk, this time adding boats with the Palestinian flag and a sound system.

Video: Marchers take the riverwalk, boats on the river 2 min