Heavy cop presence some with AR-15 rifles at Atlanta Stop Cop City march

On March 8, an extremely heavy police presence shadowed an Atlanta Stop Cop City march. Some of the cops were armed with AR-15 rifles.

Video: three clips from much longer video by Ford Fischer, good view of cops w AR-15 rifles 2 min 19 sec

Still from Ford Fischer’s video of March 8 Stop Cop City march in Atlanta

Major Battle in Weelaunee Forest: most construction shit burned, cops retaliate against MUSIC FESTIVAL

Much happened in the Weelaunee Forest on the 5th of March, the second day of the March 4-11 week of action. Forest defenders managed to burn most of the "construction infrastructure" of the project, only to have cops assault a music festival (at least 35 arrests) later in the day.

Video compilation: dozers etc burn, cops assault music festival w rifles and armored vehicle. 3 min 30 sec

No cops at Weelaunee Forest week of action kickoff rally/march

The Atlanta Forest Defense March 4-11 week of action's Kickoff march into Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta went well. Not one cop dared show their face as people arrived at the well-named Intrenchment Creek trailhead.

In this video originally posted to Twitter by MicahinATL, marchers chant "if they build it we will burn it!" 44 sec

PSL protests at Pinellas County School Board meeting against "Moms4liberty"/DeSantis agenda

On the 28th of February, the Party for Socialism and Liberation held a protest outside the Pinellas County School Board's meeting.
They were protesting the DeSantis/Moms4Liberty agenda of book banning, budget cuts, "Don't Say Gay," the entire school takeover agenda. In Pinellas Countu, if astroturfing so-called "Moms 4 Liberty" manages to elect two more school board members they get a working majority and can effectively turn the Pinellas County schools into Christian religious schools, firing anyone who is unwilling to be part of that agenda.

Video-scenes from PSL's protest outside the Pinellas County school board meeting 1 min 28 sec

MPD cop whines "I feel threatened" to videographer at heavily defended drag show

On the 25th of February Washington DC MPD ofc Riley whined "I feel threatened" at a DC Homos videographer. He melted down like a snowcone in the FL sun while escorting a solo Proud Boy out of the area of a heavily defended drag show in SE DC. Only ONE Proud Boy showed up, sparking this incident.

Video originally posted to Twitter by DC Homos 7 sec

This zoomed in and cropped image from the DC Homos video shows Ofc Riley pointing at the videographer while escorting Proud Boy Betancur out of the area