Palestine protesters return to Union Station for pre-ThingsTaking die-in

On the day before "ThingsTaking," the busiest travel day of the year, pro-Palestine protesters returned to DC's Union Station for a die-in. This protest dramatized the mass murder of children and civilians under the storm of rockets and bombs Israel has devastated Gaza with.

Photo by Our Rights DC

NYC: Macy's Parade blocked for Gaza and for Earth

On the 23ed of November, activists blockaded the Macy's "ThingsTaking" parade in NYC. On a day the US celebrates colonialism and settlement, these warriors disrupted the parade in solidarity with Palestine and with all resisting colonialism and the destruction of Earth.

Video-blocking the Macy's Parade 58 sec

More video of police running and assaulting protesters at Nov 15 DNC protest

This is video of cops running and attacking not only protesters but media at the Nov 15 protest at the Democratic National Committee in DC.

Video-cops chase and assault protesters and media alike on Nov 15 1 min

Gaza Protesters in Tampa march on Lockheed-Martin, tape posters to building

On the 17th of November, pro-Palestine protesters in Tampa, FL rolled up on the iconic Bank of America building, which contains offices of weapons maker Lockheed Martin somewhere around the 22nd floor.

Video: Pro-Gaza protesters march on Lockheed-Martin 2 min 10 sec

Updated video: Pro Palestine protesters SHUT DOWN Union Station

On the 17th of November, protesters descended on DC's Union Station intent on shutting it down over the gaza genocide. When they got there, Union Station had shut themselves down, closing their doors to all but Amtrak ticket holders who could not be excluded.

More spectacular video from the boisterous but peaceful protest that made cops SHUT DOWN Union Station 2 min 9 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC