Transgender speakers rip proposed trans treatment ban in FL Senate, warn passage would be a declaration of war

One speaker pulled off a T-shirt to reveal another w the names of 1,000 trans people. Another took their hormone injection right in front of the Senate committee. Still another said the committee would have blood on their hands if this passes as it would kill so many trans kids, and finished by saying "we will not be silent, Stonewall was a riot, and if this bill passes you'll be declaring war on our trans community.

Video-speakers denounce FL trans treatment ban bill, call passage a declaration of war 1 min 39 sec

Weelaunee Forest: Police Raid Medic space in SE Atlanta

Our Rights DC protests at SCOTUS after word of a potential trans case

On the 10th of March, news came out that W Va is asking the US Supreme Court to review (and no doubt uphold) their law banning transgender girls from girl's sports in school. This in response to a lawsuit filed by a young trans girl against this restriction. That night, Our Rights DC showed up at the US Supreme Court, reminding those present that Stonewall was a riot.

Video of SCOTUS protest from two Our Rights DC clips 25 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

Hands Off DC march/CD protests Congress blocking DC criminal justice reform

Video from clips by Our Rights DC 1 min 41 sec

Congress and the GOP have blocked DC's criminal justice reform bill in an ugly preview of things to come. On March 8, protesters marched on Capitol Hill and staged a civil disobedience against this interference, demanding statehood and the right to be left alone. Seventeen arrests were reported.

Still from Our Rights DC video