SDS, Community Action Coalition rally against police brutality in Tampa, FL

The 4th of February was a national day of action against police brutality. In Tampa, FL protesters gathered near near Joe Chullia courthouse in Tampa, FL. SDS and Community Action Coalition were there, speakers covered subjects from the infamous Memphis "SCORPION" unit to "Biking while Black" harassment stops in Tampa.

Video of the protest near Joe Chullia Courthouse 2 min 38 sec

Stink bomb clobbers Cop City contractor Atlas Technical Consultants in Illinois

Cop City contractor Atlas Technical Consultants office in Illinois just got hammered with a high-powered stench agent. Word is closure of the office might be PERMANENT. That place must stink like a whaling ship after a date with Sea Shepherd by now.

Amy Coney Barrett gets another residential protest

Eight months after the leak of the Dobbs decision, protesters are still showing up at the homes of antiabortion/Christian nationalist Supreme Court "Justices." One of these protests took place on Jan 29, 2023. In addition to abortion rights chants, protesters also invoked the name of Tyre Nichols, beaten and tortured to death by murderous Memphis cops.

Video from raw clips by Our Rights DC 2 min 5 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

PSL Marches for Tyre Nichols against police station in St Petersburg,FL

On the 29th of January, the Party for Socialism and Liberation held a march in St Petersburg, FL from City Hall to the nearest police station. The march demanded that killer cops be sent to prison, and that all other cops resign. This event was held in memory of Tyre Nichols and in solidarity with activists in Memphis.

Video of the march-and of cops hurredly barricading their station against it 1 min 10 sec

Cops barricading the station as the march unexpectedly targets their station

"Every City Is Cop City" chanted at DC march for Atlanta

On Jan 28, an Atlanta Forest Defense solidarity march assembled in Logan Circle and took to the streets in DC. As bike cops swarmed around the march, marchers chanted "Every City is Cop City! Stop Cop City!" The bike cops were dressed in black and yellow above all else, same colors as the Proud Boys.

Chuck Modi's video originally posted to Twitter of marchers swarmed in cops chanting "Every City is Cop City" 14 sec

Still from Chuck Modi's video