Shut Down DC blocks roads, shuts down area around Supreme Court

On the 13th of June, Shutdown DC launched their offensive to shut down the Supreme Court on one of the possible days the Dobbs (abortion) ruling could have been released. Results were mixed: while cops stole a truckload of alleged blockading equipment, the presence of so many protesters forced the cops to do the same job themselves, and the protesters denied them the ability to open blockades for SCOTUS traffic.

Video-scenes of utter disruption in the streets around the Supreme Court 4 min 36 sec

Part of the inbound march passing the front side of the Supreme Court

"Summer of Rage" continues: Gorsuch gets another home demo

During the May 14th "Bans Off Our Bodies" marches, the Women's March promised the Supreme Court would face a "Summer of Rage." Activists have delivered on this with a string of peaceful protests at the homes of Supreme Court "Justices," to the utter rage of the far right, FOX News, etc. On May 11, the protests once again came to the main road outside "Justice" Gorsuch's fancy private community.

Video: Handmaids and electric guitar at Gorsuch's fancy private community 33 sec

Capitol Pride Reportback

On the 11th of June, the Capitol Pride march returned to DC, this time marching to the streets next to P st Beach rather than starting there. At Dupont Circle, the same "ex-Gay and "Ex-trans" fundamentalist Christians who harassed the parade last year were back, again hiding behind the cops. In a longstanding pattern, there were way too many corporate floats in the parade, though also some explicitly political contingents. At one point, PSL's contingent chanted "you say Stonewall, we say riot!" This is a reminder to the growing theocratic menace in the US that many will not peacefully submit to any recriminalization of GLBTQ lives.

Video: Capitol Pride attendees confront bigoted "Ex-Gay/Ex-Trans" street preachers 2 min 13 sec

Video: Dangerous stampede out of Dupont Circle 21 sec, cut from Twitter video by BeingGaiden

Young people at Pride get behind the cops, confront the "ex-Gay/ex-Trans" Fundamentalist Christian screamers

Jane's Revenge drops banner over DC highway underpass

On the 8th of June, anarchist news reported that the direct action pro-choice group Jane's Revenge dropped a banner over a DC road underpass.

Literal Handmaid and SCOTUS "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett gets another home demo

On the 9th of June, protesters again returned to the confy Virginia home of Supreme Court "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett formerly held the title of "handmaid" in the People of Praise far-right religious cult. This time around, a "reporter" from FOX News showed up, behaved in an extremely unprofessional and confrontational manner, and left when nobody would talk to him.

Video of the protest and some of the FOX News "reporter's" behavior 1 min 14 sec

Protesters return to the home of Amy Coney Barrett