IfNotNow holds Mourner's Kaddish in DC for both side's losses in Gaza

On the 10th of October, the IfNotNow movement held a Jewish mourner's Kaddish for the victims of the latest war in Gaza-without regard to nationality.

Video: the Mourner's Kaddish in Malcolm X Park calls out apartheid and settlement as causes of the war 1 min 30 sec

Mass march for Gaza hits streets, narrowly misses pro-Israel rally

On the 8th of October, a major Palestinian march took to the streets of DC. Speakers explictly endorsed all-out resistance to Israel's occupation. One chant was "They've got tanks, we've got hang gliders-glory to all resistance fighters!" One speaker said the brutal day to day oppression experienced by residents of Gaza made this war absolutely inevitable.

Video of the rally and march 2 min 13 sec

"Pray us Away:" Men's March for fetal personhood, Rosary Coast to Coast disrupted

On Oct 7, the "men's march" for fetal personhood received a humiliating defeat. Thier turnout of only dozens was sorrounded by abortion rights protesters with bullhorns and a sound cart, and almost completely drowned out.

Video: Pray us away! 1 min 30 sec

Video: Pray us away! 19 sec

In front of the Supreme Court

Harriet's Wildest Dreams marches on DC Mayor's office, Dept of "Justice" and DC Police HQ

On the 6th of October, DC's Harriet's Wildest Dream assembled in Freedom Plaza for a march demanding killer cops be fired and jailed. Included in the speakers were the mothers of a number of people murdered by police in DC and surrounding areas.

Video:the march arrives at MPD's HQ, cops are ordered by protesters to "Move Back," and Jason Bagshaw gets called out 1 min 53 sec

In front of MPD

Moms4Liberty meeting in Clarksburg, MD draws protesters

A meeting by so-called "Moms4Liberty" in Clarksburg, MD draw protesters outraged by their anti-lgbtq+ and especially anti-trans agenda of hate. Moms4Liberty is also possibly the most infamous book-banning outfit in the entire so-called "United States"

Video: camera pan shows strong turnout against Moms4Liberty's hate 26 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC