Antichoicers protesting doctor's office overwhelmingly outnumbered by counterprotesters

On the 4th of June, only two far-right Christians (w rosary beads even) showed up to protest at the office of a Potomac doctor who performs abortions drew many counterprotesters and at one point were all but surrounded. These two gave the chant "Keep your Rosaries off my Ovaries" literal meaning.

Atlanta Stop Cop City project posts promo video communique

On the 3ed of June, the Stop Cop City/Atlanta Forest Defense project posted a fundraising/promo video with many direct action scenes to

Stop Cop City promo video June 2022 1 min 30 sec

Capitol Hill fake abortion clinic hit with paint, eggs

Sometime between the evening of June 2 and the morning of June 3, unknown fighters took direct action against the so-called "Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center." Graffiti left on the building declared "Jane Says Revenge, a possible reference to the "Jane's Revenge" direct action movment targetting antichoice organizations and facilities all over the so-called US.

This is one of many "clinics" posing as abortion clinics run by antichoice religious groups. Women who mistake them for health clinics get hammered with religious propaganda.

Fake abortion clinic redecorated on Capitol Hill

Protest at Amy Coney Barrett's house stands up to right-wing media and hostile neighbors

The 2nd of June was Thursday and thus Amy Coney Barrett night. Ms Barrett once literally held the title of "handmaid" in "People of Praise." She was called out for this at the protest in front of her house. Meanwhile one of her neighbors went full Karen with racist trash talk demanding people "speak English" while two videographers from Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal shot video footage. None of this slowed the protesters down

Video: protesters stand up to harassment, don't take bait from fash aimed at triggering arrests2 min 34 sec

"Karen" (circled in photo) attempted to start arguments and disrupt the protest. She ran behind the cops when this failed

Protesters at Kavanaugh, Roberts houses close in on police lines

On the first day of June, pro-choice protesters again returned to the Chevy Chase homes of Supreme Court "Justices" Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts. With cops forbidding standing still (and threatening this reporter for it), protesters adopted a new tactic: marching as slow and as close to the police line as physically possible

Video-protesters get close to the cops on the sidewalks outside homes of "Justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts 2 min 8 sec

Engaging the defenders of theocracy more closely