July 2022

Proud Boys, fash media harass but can't stop Orlando transgender rights protest

In Florida, GLBTQ activists held an emergency protest in Orlando ahead of the major Fri Aug 5 protest at the Board meeting in Ft Lauderdale against Gov Desantis' proposed near-ban on gender affirming care. Proud Boys and fascist media showed up but were unable to significantly interfere with this protest.

Video: Proud Boys heavily outnumbered as speakers denounce Gov DeSatan and his anti-trans medical board proposal 3 min 11 sec


"Justice" Witchburner Alito home demo July 30 reportback

On the 30th of July, protesters again returned to the home of antichoice Supreme Court "Justice" Alito. The protest resembled a dance party at some times.This helps drive off the spell cast by Alito's citing of infamous 17th century judge Matthew Hale, who had two women executed for witchcraft.

Video-dance party at Alito's 1 min 54 sec

Drenching rains can't stop Clarence Thomas from getting another home demo

On the 29th of July, drenching rains in Northern Virginia failed to stop the Friday protest at the entrance to "Justice" Thomas's posh private roaded community. Protesters are demanding he be impeached for the role both he and his wife Ginni Thomas played in supporting Trump's Jan 6 coup attempt. This would remove one anti-choice "Justice" from the court.

Video-Clarence Thomas protest in drenching rain 34 sec

Still from video by Tam

"Justice"-and "Handmaid" Amy Coney Barrett home demo reportback

Every Thursday Amy Coney Barrett gets another home demo over her "handmaid" /People of Praise past and role in sinking Roe v Wade. The 28th of July was no exception despite storms and the diversion of some activists to the disruption of the Congressional baseball game

Video from Jul 28 Amy Coney Barret home demo

Storms build up over Amy Coney Barrett's house

Climate Protesters disrupt Congressional baseball game

Less than a day before the Congressional Baseball Game and a scheduled disruption, Sen Joe Manchin caved on allowing at least SOME climate provisions into the big "Inflation Reduction Act of 2022." While CCAN cancelled their plans to disrupt the game, Shut Down DC and other groups did not. Protesters displayed banners inside before storms temporarily shut the game down, while more protested outside. Three people were violently arrested, one tackled by 6 cops.

Video-protest and blockades outside, cops steal banners from protesters inside 1 min 23 sec

Banners up just before storms shut the game down. (Photo by Vincent Vertuccio)

Kavanaugh, Roberts get more home demos as Roberts quits GW teaching post

On the 27th of July, protesters returned to the homes of "Justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts, with greatly reduced police interference. Two weeks of intensive policing failed to generate any legal grounds for arrests, so police are now dwindling back to the prior numbers.

Video featuring "Emergency Response" to flatlining Constitution on a gurney 1 min 45 sec

Constitution on a gurney as it is flatlining (Still from John Zangas video)

Protesters disrupt Trump's first post-J6 "America First" DC rally

On the 26th of July, Donald Trump returned to DC for the first time since he fled Biden's Inaugural on Jan 20, 2021. He was the keynote speaker at an indoor "America First" rally at the Marriott Marquis near the Convention Center. Protesters dropped an "Indict Trump" banner inside and chants of "No Trump, no KKK no Fascist USA" resonated from the walls.

Video: Protesters both inside and out disrupt the "America First" fash event 1 min 59 sec

"Greenshirt" goons

Antifascists Take Down and Destroy Proud Boys Banners in Florida on I-4

Action report from antifascists in Florida: On July 24th, antifascists spotted a pair of Proud Boys banners on I-4 in Florida on both sides of an overpass near mile marker 55 and pulled them down for destruction, ready for the hungry flames of justice.

Twitter hides photo of protest shield w Bagshaw's name on in behind age restriction/login

On the 24th of July, the Washington Post published this report on MPD commander Jason Bagshaw's interactions with protesters. The story contains this unusable Twitter link to a photo of a shield at a 2021 protest referring to Bagshaw. Twitter cravenly hid this Black House News photo behind a login wall and age restriction.

The Black House News video no longer available on Twitter without an account, available here to anyone

The Twitter link is probably to the video (downloaded prior to restriction) from which this still was taken. It was of a Jan 30,2021 "Fuck the Police" march

Draq Queen Story Hour in Kensington, MD defended from fash and Jesus freaks, Chicago and Boston not so lucky

On the 23ed of July, a determined community response blocked fascists and "Jesus freaks" from disrupting a family-friendly Draq Queen Story Hour at Kensington library. The fash were kept off the floor where the event was being held, and it went on without trouble. Other cities were not so lucky.

These extreme-right activists were unable to get to the downstairs floor at the Kensington Library

Protesters take steps of Tampa Convention Center from Turning Point USA

On the 23ed of July, Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA and the groyper-associated "Student Action Summit" held a convention at the Tampa, FL convention center. Furious pro-choice protesters descended on the event and managed to take the steps of the Convention Center itself. MAGAts countered by pushing into and harassing the protest from behind.

UPDATE 7-24: It has been reported that TRUMP himself attended Turning Point USA. In addition to him, open Nazis with Nazis flags also showed up, but apparently were careful enough to stay out of sight of the protesters

Video: protesters take the steps, MAGAts harass them from behind, including an assault by a TPUSA attendee on protesters 5 min 25 sec

Taking the Tampa Convention Center steps from TPUSA and groypers

"Justice" Clarence & Ginni Thomas home demo reportback

On the 22nd of July, protesters showed up near the VA home of Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni Thomas, known for her work with the J6 plotters. Like Gorsuch, Thomas has cut himself off from the community by living in a private community instead of in "general population" to borrow a prison term.

Video-protesters at the blocked-off entrance to Ginni Thomas's private community 1 min

Still from video clip by Tam