August 2022

Video: Analysis of SCOTUS home demo campaign w scenes from 8-11 Thomas protest

Video by DC Media Group of one of the ongoing protests at the homes of the so-called "Justices" of the Supreme Court. On Aug 11 the action was at the entrance to "Justice" Clarence Thomas' posh private community. A special message for his J6-involved wife Ginni Thomas was also included, with chants of "lock her up" and a "Subpeona the Ginni Pig" sign.

Video-DC Media Group video from Thomas home demo w analysis 1 min 54 sec

Drenching, flooding rains can't keep protesters from "Justice" Kavanaugh's house

Video-protesting at Kavanaugh's place in the rain 43 sec

The drenching thunderstorms of Aug 10 cut power, flooded roads, and even forced high/swift water rescues. None of that stopped a hard core of pro-choice protesters from getting past all the obstacles to protest at the home of Supreme Court "Justice" Kavanaugh at the usual time and day.

Photo by Mel

Video emerges of contractor's truck burning after Atlanta Forest defense victory over July 30 attack

Video released by Unicorn Riot has emerged from the successful defense of the Atlanta Forest from a July 30th attack by a contractor with a tow truck and a mini-excavator. The tow truck was demolished and burned, footage in this video of the fire.

Video originally published by Unicorn Riot 2 min 46 sec

Video reportback from Aug 5 Clarence Thomas home demo

On the 5th of August, protesters again returned to the home of antichoice GOP Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas. His choice to torpedo Roe v Wade will lead to the deaths of many women.

Video-protesting at the entrance to Clarence Thomas's exclusive private community 1 min

Photo by Mel

Trangender activists, allies protest as Fl Board of Health votes to deny care to transgender youth

Video-the rally, the die-in, and the mess inside 1 min 55 sec

On the 5th of August, the Florida Board of Medicine held a "public hearing" on a proposal by FL Governor DeSantis (AKA DeSatan) to deny all gender affirming healthcare to transgender youth under 18-and bring back so-called "conversion therapy" it it's place. Outside, transgender protesters and allies staged a press conference and die-in to condemn this deadly proposal. Suicides and deaths from denial of care are going to soar in Florida, and entire families may have to move to gender fugitive sanctuary states (like California will soon be) to escape the governor's version of "Child Protective Services."

Video reportback from Aug 4 Amy Coney Barrett home demo

Thursday nights Supreme Court "Justice" and literal handmaid (People of Praise) Amy Coney Barret gets regukar protests in front of her house. Thuersday Aug 4 was no exception, as protesters rolled out w drums and a mobile sound system to hold Barrett responlible for her deadly and oppressive vote to overturn Roe V Wade

Video from spirited Aug 4 protest at "the Handmaid's House 1 min 3 sec

Still from video by Tam

Protesters wait on Alito's block as he returns from air travel

On the 2nd of August, pro-choice activists descovered that "Witchburner" Supreme Court "Justice" Samuel Alito was on his way home from air travel. At the time he was expected home, protesters were on his block blasting Italian music.

Video-protesters on Alito's block dancing to Italian music 1 min 41 sec