Two days before the annual anti-Roe v Wade forced birth march, unknown attackers vandalized BLM Plaza with "Jesus" and "All Lives Matter" graffiti. "All Lives Matter" is widely recognized as a code phrase for "White Lives Matter" or sometimes the pro-police "Blue Lives Matter." The timing and the "Jesus" scrawl suggest a connection to Friday's march.

On the 15th of January, DC's vaccine mandate covering certain indoor spaces including restaurants, bars, and gyms went into effect. To gain entry, would be patrons over age 18 must display photo ID as well as vaccine proof. Those 12-18 need vaccine proof only. The photo ID is much harder to get than the vaccine, and many unhoused folks do NOT have it. This means many places such as fast food joints where unhoused folks may go to warm up or use the toilet will be unavailable.

On the 14th of January, Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio was released from DC Jail. Reuters published a photo showing him in a T-shirt saying "Free the Proud Boys by any means necessary" and showing a man with a rifle.

On the 12th of January, protesters organzied by the Charlottesville chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America showed up at the headquarters of the US Postal Service. They were there to demand that Trump's burrowed-in, election sabotaging postmaster-general Lejoy be fired and replaced.

One of the speakers was from Mt Rainier, MD and emphasized that mail other than packages has become a rare site in her community. Another speaker called out LeJoy's efforts to turn the post office from a public service into a business that exists only to make money.

The pandemic driven shortages of 2020 are back, and this time it's not just toilet paper. At many grocery stores, you can get toilet paper but many juices are out of stock. Dairy cases which normally have seemingly endless supplies are now entirely empty in many places. Those who eat meat and eggs are seeing half-empty shelves as of Jan 11. Until deliveries get going again, this will spread to more stores and more products

Video of one of the speakers originally posted to Twitter by @EdithSteinII 46 sec

On the 11th of January, 2002, the Gates of Hell opened for business in Guantanimo Bay, Cuba. Twenty years later, Gitmo is still open and protesters around the world remembered this ugly anniversary. Here in DC, Witness Against Torture and Amnesty International held their annual protest in front of the White House.

Just over a month ago, Patriot Front's (PF)march on DC has heckled all the way back to their Arlington Cemetary pickup point. Instead of the expected three U-haul trucks they expected to ride out in, there was only one. The other two were out of action. PF claims they were destroyed by an opposing anti-Fascist strike team. Note that Patriot Front intends to return to DC on Jan 21 for the forced-birth march

The Supreme Court appears poised to kill Roe v Wade, and the religious right is smelling blood. On Jan 21, probably about 1/4 million of them will pack the so-called "March for Life," marching shoulder to shoulder with no masks while shouting. Meanwhile, DC has become #1 Covid/Omicron hotspot in the entire US. That could turn this event into a superspreader on the scale of Sturgis 2020-a "March for Death."

Video-2021 in activism as seen from DC 16 min 40 sec

The past year in activism and politics, from the storming of the US Capitol by coup plotters to pipeline fights to the abortion showdowns

1: 2020 election battles culminate as fascist coup attempt storm US Capitol.

2: Jan-Feb: sudden vacuum as fascists retreat from failed coup attempt-no trouble at Inauguration. Giant sucking sound as combat just stops inconclusively

On the 22nd of December, protesters showed up at a Chase Bank branch on K st. This was just three days after Wet'suwet'en land defenders again evicted Coastal Gaslink construction crews from unceded First Nations' land. Chase Bank is funding the attempt to build this fracked gas pipeline over land the Wet'suwet'en have never ceded, surrendered, or yielded in any way to so-called "Canada."

Video-marchers carry a casket for the fallen 1 min

On the 20th of December, the People for Fairness Coalition began their 9th annual Homeless Memorial Vigil. After speakers at Luther Place finished, marchers with candles headed down 14th st to Freedom Plaza where an all-night vigil was held.

On the morning of Dec 19, Wet'suwet'en land defenders evicted a Coastal Gaslink drill site for trespassing on unceded Wet'suwet'en territory. On Monday, the 20th of December, pro-Wet'suwet'en, anti-pipeline stickers were densely posted in the area of the Canadian Embassy. Warriors allied with the Wet'suwet'en have a very long reach and arm, able to reach so-called "Canada's" assets anywhere on the continent.

Video from the vigil 2 min 3 seconds

The 14th of December was a national day of action against Enbridge's Line 3 tar sands pipeline, the anniversary of a major drill pad blockade at the Missisippi River that slowed construction in 2020. On Dec 14, 2021, one of the many actions across Turtle Island demanding this pipeline be forever shut down, both the old and "replacement" Line 3.

On the 13th of December 1971,the Supreme Court's heard oral arguments in the landmark Roe Vs Wade case that legalized abortion in those places in the US that banned it. Fifty years later, as the Court appears poised to reverse Roe, activists held a vigil in the dark, vowing to do whatever it takes to make upcoming bans on abortion, contraception, and other reproductive rights ineffective.

Video-carolers regale GOP with tales of corporate-funded catastrophe 31 sec

On the 10th of December, Extinction Rebellion DC showed up outside the GOP-dominated Capitol Hill Club for a round of anticapitalist caroling. There was little response from the GOP'ers inside except for one who yelled that Trump would be back in 2024. That drew a response that Trump belongs in prison from one person.

Video-motorists get out,attempt to clear the blockade by force 3 min 30 sec

On the 9th of December, Declare Emergency setup their second blockade of I-395 in a row in afternoon rush hour. Things quickly turned ugly as motorists got out of their cars and dragged them out of the street. Blockaders set back up after those motorists drove off, eventually being arrested by MPD.

Declare emergency's goal is to get the government to formally declare a climate emergency.

On the 8th of November, the DC Bike Party held their final ride of the 2021 season.Video-start of the Dec DC Bike Party 22 sec

Treasury Releases Draft Rule Improving Transparency for "Anonymous" Shell CompaniesMore than 100 leaders showcase initiatives to counter dictatorships, fight corruption and promote human rights at a virtual summit the White House hosts December 9-10.“The White House meetings are incredibly important as we must make sure that pandemic relief aid gets to the people who need it most around the world,” said Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the religious development group Jubilee USA Network.