On the 26th of June, a small motorcade organized by HIPS (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive) wound its way through DC escorted by a banner and bullhorn contingent. They were demanding that the DC Council legalize all drugs for personal consumption, saying "every overdose death is a policy failure. The "War on Drugs" was condemned as explicitly racist.

On the 26th of June, a new generation of Freedom Riders held a voting rights rally on the Mall, demanding that Congress trash the GOP's filibuster that has stopped the For the People Act and other voting rights legislation. Turning back a wave of GOP promoted restrictions on voting in Southern and GOP states is likely to be crucial to blocking a Trump comeback in 2024.

Video-protesters read out demands, many more show up after dark 1 min 36 sec

On Friday, the 25th of June, Nellie's Sports Bar again had to remain closed as protesters descended on the intersection of 9th and U sts NW. A block party (including sexy dances) was held in what was made both a GLBTQ and sex worker friendly space, while Nellies missed out on the packed crowds that filled all the other bars on U st. This is the price of dragging a Black woman down the stairs on June 12 during Pride

Video of the scene at Mitch's House 1 min 36 sec

On the 24th of June, protests against the GOP filibuster that has halted the "For the People Act" started with 42 arrests for civil disobedience at the Capitol fence, and ended in a noisy dance party protest at the home of GOP Senator Mitch McConnell. Protesters were demanding the Democrats abolish the filibuster and push through the "For the people" Federal voting rights protections without GOP cooperation.

Video-Banging pots and invoking past uprisings at the DC Jail 38 sec

On the 19th of July, Juneteenth events all over DC celebrated the 1865 end of legal slavery(excluding prison labor). Speaking of the prison labor exception, one of the events was a pot and pan banging noise protest at the DC Jail. Earlier, the "Million Moe March" go-go began at BLM Plaza and ended on U st, once known as "Black Broadway" before gentrification.

Video:protesters take over U st, Nellie's is CLOSED 1 min 13 sec

On the 18th of June, protesters again descended on the 9th and U st area, at now-closed Nellie's Sports Bar. On Pride night Nellie's security dragged a Black woman down the stairs by her hair. Now they have shut down supposedly for training but probably to avoid confrontation with furious BLM protesters.

On the 15th of June, protesters against racism and police brutality again staged a noisy protest at the DC headquarters of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). When cops out of uniform began filing out of the building at about 6PM, one of them started pushing and shoving protesters. Shortly afterwards there were several arrests.

On the 15th of June, protesters marched on the Embassy of the Phillipines on Mass Ave. They were there to protest Phillipine "President" Duterte(famous for extrajudicial murder), ongoing US exploitation of the Phillipines, and the effective colonial status of the Phillipines subservient to the US although supposedly independent.

On the 10th of June, migrant activists and their allies descended on the Arlington County Government Center just ahead of major storms that dumped 3+ inches of rain. They were there as part of the ongoing campaign to end all cooperation with ICE, in all cases, in all of Northern Virginia.

Video-lessons from the Clarendon Cup, and antiwar song played at Armed Forces themed race 2 min 28 sec

On the 6th of June, bicycle racing returned to Arlington as the Clarendon Cup ran again after being cancelled in 2020 along with most other sporting events due to the pandemic. It is the widespread use of covid vaccines that made this event possible.

On the 5th of June, protesters demanded MPD be defunded and money be spent instead on the community. They started on BLM Plaza with a go-go concert that drew a substantial crowd, the marched to the Fraternal Order of Police and blocked off the area in front of it for speeches.

Video of protesters descending on FOP 2 min 1 sec

Video of the march and rally at Anita Bond's house 1 min 51 sec

On the first of June, protesters gathered in front of the DC Housing authority to march on the home of councilmember Anita Bonds. Activists were there to demand at least a two-year rent freeze with cancellation of back rent due to the pandemic.

Video of the rally and march 1 min 44 sec

On the 29th of May, the National March 4 Palestine built up at the Lincoln Memorial before filling several blocks of Constitution Ave with marchers. The march ended between the White House and the Washignton Monument, demanding sanctions against Israel for their aggression against the Palestinians.

Video-calling out Amazon at investor Blackrock 2 min 30 sec

On the 24th of May (two days before Amazon's annual general meeting), protesters showed up at major Amazon stockholder Blackrock. They brought with them a list of socially responsible votes on Amazon's corporate policies, and attempted to deliver it to Blackrock. Bike cops refused to let protesters in the building but eventually let them post the demands on the wall, possibly to avoid escalation.

On the 21st and again on the 22nd of May, massive group bike rides took to the streets of DC, similar to the DC Bike Parties of the pre-covid era. In the past year, police made no attempt to enforce covid gathering limits against 1st Amendment activities probably for fear of a court using the 1st Amendment to toss ALL the gathering limits. Cultural events (including bike rides) that were not about speech were mostly suspended-until now.

Video: Rally at embassy followed by march shutting down Conn Ave 3 min 51 sec

On the 18th of May, protesters took to the streets globally to stand in solidarity with a general strike called by Palestinians thoughout Occupied Palestine. One of these protests began at the Israeli Embassy in DC. Marchers from there took over and closed Connecticut Ave, burned an Israeli flag, stopped on the bridge over Rock Creek for Prayers, and took Lafayette Sq for the first time since Summer 2020.

By the 15th of May, the Black Lives Matter Plaza murel that had been paved over was back on BLM Plaza. Community outrage had accompanied the repaving that removed the original, and there was suspicion this was done while activists were focussed on the Middle East. Now the murel is back

Video: the march,the tank and the Capitol fence 1 min 52 sec

On the 15th of May, one of the global Nakba(catastrophe) marches marking the 73ed anniversary of the start of the occupation of Palestine took place in DC. The march went right up to the Capitol fence.