Video-protesters march by Alito's house as so-called "Freedom" flag flies 1 min

On the 6th of June, pro-choice activists returned to the VA home of antichoice SCOTUS "Justice" Samuel Alito. This time around, Alito had a "Freedom" flag commonly seen at far-right rallies on the flagpole outside his house, easily identifying his residence. To fly such a flag while trying to take freedom away from all women in the US is the height of hypocrisy.

Video cut from two of Ford Fischer's clips 1 min 53 sec

The Supreme Court was widely expected to release their Dobbs (abortion) decision on Monday, June 6 but did not. Antichoice protesters were chomping at the bit, showing up in front of the Court. To their surprise a single pro-choice activist upstaged all of them by hopping the low barrier and locking himself to the high fence. All the antis could do was scream and try to dominate audio tracks.

On the 5th of June, Pro and Cat 1 (top amateur) bike racing again came to Claredon, VA. The race, known also as the Armed Forces Cycling Classic, has Boeing as the top sponsor. This is interesting given that bicycles are known for not using fossil fuels and Boeing's products both military and commerical are some of the biggest fuel users on Earth.

Video: One pass of the Clarendon Cup bicycle race through the hairpin turn at the bottom of a long straight 30 sec

Video featuring song "All you Fascists bound to lose" played at Gorsuch protest 32 sec

Neil Gorsuch is one of the "SCOTUS 6" preparing a formal vote to overturn Roe v Wade. He is also in a stolen seat, thanks to Mitch McConnell blocking Obama's last year SCOTUS appointment. Neil lives in an expensive community with private roads off River Road in MD. On Sat, the 4th of June, protesters arrived on River Road but had to protest at the entrance to the entire community due to a police blockade.

During the Thursday, June 2 pro-choice protest at the home of Supreme Court "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett, a racist neighbor of hers tried to demand that a Black activist on the bullhorn "speak English." This was the second time in the same protest she made that demand.

Video by John Zangas of nasty Karen demanding Black activist "Speak English"

On the 4th of June, community activsts returned to the fenced-off Adams-Morgan Plaza. Once there, they restored the memorial on the fence to Miguel Gonzales. Miguel was murdered by Truist Bank when they took his blankets while clearing the plaza by force. He died shortly therafter from hypothermia.

Video-setting the Miguel Gonzales memorial back up 39 sec

On the 4th of June, only two far-right Christians (w rosary beads even) showed up to protest at the office of a Potomac doctor who performs abortions drew many counterprotesters and at one point were all but surrounded. These two gave the chant "Keep your Rosaries off my Ovaries" literal meaning.

Sometime between the evening of June 2 and the morning of June 3, unknown fighters took direct action against the so-called "Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center." Graffiti left on the building declared "Jane Says Revenge, a possible reference to the "Jane's Revenge" direct action movement targetting antichoice organizations and facilities all over the so-called US.

Video-protesters get close to the cops on the sidewalks outside homes of "Justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts 2 min 8 sec

On the first day of June, pro-choice protesters again returned to the Chevy Chase homes of Supreme Court "Justices" Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts. With cops forbidding standing still (and threatening this reporter for it), protesters adopted a new tactic: marching as slow and as close to the police line as physically possible.

Video-NPS pulls down tents, load them into garbage trucks 52 sec

Update June 2:One woman stood her ground and refused to move at the end of the eviction. Park Police first tasered her, then committed her against her will to a psychiatric facility (like the Soviet Union used to do.)

Video-protesters chant "we are the witches Matthew Hale couldn't burn!" 40 sec

"Justice" Alito wrote the draft Supreme Court majority opinion to overturn Roe V Wade. In it he quotes 17th century judge Matthew Hale, who sentenced two women to death for witchcraft and played a major role in estabilishing that it was legal for married men to rape their wives. On the 30th of May, protesters outside Alito's home invoked all of this, chanting "We are the witches Matthew Hale couldn't burn!"

Video by Downright Impolite (5 sec)

On the 25th of May, Supreme Court "Justices" Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts got a 3ed round of Wednesday night home demos. They also were protested on the night of Sat. May 7 making this the 4th week in a row.

Video from in front of Kavanaugh's house originally posted to Twitter by "Downright Impolite" 10 sec

On the 18th of May, the growing Summer of Rage continued. One day after Florida's governor tried to ban these protests from 1,000 miles away in the wrong state, protesters returned to the homes of "Rapey Brett" Kavanaugh and John Roberts.

Video highlights of the rally 1 min 28 sec

On the 17th of May, protesters showed up at the so-called "Department of Justice" to demand that the US cease and desist its efforts to extradite Julian Assange. Julian Assange is one of the founder of Wikileaks, where embarrassing leaks governments try to keep secret are published. One of these was the famous "Collateral Murder" video from Afghanistan showing a US gunship shooting up an ambulance.

Video-questioning the candidate's forum about the value of any other issue on an unstable planet.

On the 16th of May, Extinction Rebellion again targetted DC Government support for Washington Gas's proposed $5 billion pipeline replacement project. This time, they disrupted a candidate's forum for DC City Council chair candidates. Rather than answer questions raised by XRDC, organizers simply ended the event early.

Video-Two weeks of fury in the streets after SCOTUS leaks draft decision to overturn Roe v Wade 2 min 39 sec

Video of two weeks of fury in front of the Supreme Court, at the homes of Supreme Court "justices," at marches in Florida (an antiabortion state), and more. Includes failed attempt by LAPD to arrest anticapitalist pro-choice marchers, and the effects of the fire/molotov attack on an antichoice group's HQ building in Madison, WI.

Video: Bans off Our Bodies marches in DC and Orlando FL,plus the home demos at Roberts and Kavanaugh's homes 1 mn 50 sec

On the 14th of May, furious pro-choice protesters marched on the Supreme Court-and on Federal courthouses all over the so-called "United States" in the "Bans off our bodies" marches. In DC, the marches were followed by protests at the homes of multiple anti-choice Supreme Court "Justices."

On the 12th of May, the Washington Post reported that MD GOP Governor Hogan and VA GOP Governor Youngkin are demanding that the Federal DOJ enforce an obscure 1950 Federal law criminalizing any and all protests aimed at "influencing" judges in pending cases. This is an effort to suppress peaceful protests at the homes of SCOTUS judges who are about to take away the rights of women and of LGBTQ folks to control their own bodies.

Video originally posted to Twitter by Virginia Allen 31 sec

On the 11th of May, "performance artists" in Handmaid's Tale outfits showed up at the suburban home of Supreme Court "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett. Staging a performace art means local prohibitions on residential protests cannot be enforced.