March 2023

Transgender Day of Vengeance event cancelled due to credible violent threats

Our Rights DC has released the statement below about an ugly storm of violent threats that forced cancellation of Saturday's DC Trans Day of Vengeance events:

Shut Down DC holds Stop Cop City protest at DOJ

On the 28th of March, Shut Down DC protested at the Dept of Justice, demanding a Federal investigation into Georgia's human rights abuses over the Cop City project in Weelaunee Forest. At this time eight attendees at the march 5 music festival there are still being held without bond over muddy shoes or legal support numbers written on their arms.

Photo by Benjamin Goloff

Tiktok ban bill S 686 threatens ALL sites and ALL users

DC Indymedia could be directly targetted by S686 (AKA the RESTRICT act), the bill supposedly intended to ban tiktok but as written can be used to ban ANY website. Still worse, connecting to a banned site using a VPN or presumably tor or other workarounds would become a felony.

Video by explaining what S686 would really do 54 sec

Police Contingent disrupts Tampa Pride parade, back half rocks anyway

On the 25th of March, Tampa FL's Pride parade took to the streets. The Nazis who harassed a Pride event the previous night were nowhere to be seen, but trouble came from another kind of Fascists. After the Mayor, a drum section, and a warship/pirate ship themed float for a health group had passed came the police contingent. They circled and circled on motorcycles, stopping all behind them while the parade route emptied.

Elders target big banks over climate change with rocking chair protests

On the 21st of March, elders backed by a few younger supporters picketed four climate-destroying banks by sitting in rocking chairs in front of their branches. Some of the protesters said they were doing this for their grandchildren. The "Third Act" coalition is demanding big banks get out of investments in fossil fuels.

DC Media Group video of the protest 1 min 13 sec

Photo by DC Media Group

Trump rally in Ocala, FL fizzles

Trump claimed over the weekend he would be arrested on Tues, March 21 over the Stormy Danial's hush money and its source. He called on his supporters to swarm the streets and fight for him. The result was fizzled rallies in many places. All of the Florida rallies known to this author fizzled, drawing a dozen or so.Maybe 20 cycled in and out of the 5PM rally in Ocala, FL which was supposed to be major and at which violence was feared.

Video: fizzled Trump rally in Ocala, FL, Proud Boy with his pistol showing through his pants 2 min 53 sec

THIS is all the "wild protest" Trump supporters were able to muster in Ocala, FL on March 21

Proud Boys beaten bloody, one PB arrested at NYC Drag Queen Story Hour

Video: Proud Boys overwhelmed at NYC Drag Queen Story Hour, one arrested and at least one beaten bloody 3 min 25 sec

On the 19th of March, New York City kicked the Proud Boy's asses as they began building up for the possible indictment of Donald Trump on Tues, March 21. The Proud Boys made the mistake of messing with the LGBTQ community in the home of the Stonewall Riot, and got a taste of what the vice squad got back on June 28, 1969.

Posters slamming Washington Gas for unsafe product replace ads at Metrobus stops

On the 18th of March, on Metrobus stops spread out all over DC, corporate ads were replaced with posters hammering Washington Gas. The posters placed by unknown activists slammed gas stoves and gas in the house for causing health problems, burning down the climate, and charging everyone for the "privilige" of doing do.

Transgender speakers rip proposed trans treatment ban in FL Senate, warn passage would be a declaration of war

One speaker pulled off a T-shirt to reveal another w the names of 1,000 trans people. Another took their hormone injection right in front of the Senate committee. Still another said the committee would have blood on their hands if this passes as it would kill so many trans kids, and finished by saying "we will not be silent, Stonewall was a riot, and if this bill passes you'll be declaring war on our trans community.

Video-speakers denounce FL trans treatment ban bill, call passage a declaration of war 1 min 39 sec

Weelaunee Forest: Police Raid Medic space in SE Atlanta

Our Rights DC protests at SCOTUS after word of a potential trans case

On the 10th of March, news came out that W Va is asking the US Supreme Court to review (and no doubt uphold) their law banning transgender girls from girl's sports in school. This in response to a lawsuit filed by a young trans girl against this restriction. That night, Our Rights DC showed up at the US Supreme Court, reminding those present that Stonewall was a riot.

Video of SCOTUS protest from two Our Rights DC clips 25 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC