Protesters at Alito's house invoke Matthew Hale's witchcraft executions

Video-protesters chant "we are the witches Matthew Hale couldn't burn!" 40 sec

"Justice" Alito wrote the draft Supreme Court majority opinion to overturn Roe V Wade. In it he quotes 17th century judge Matthew Hale, who sentenced two women to death for witchcraft and played a major role in estabilishing that it was legal for married men to rape their wives. On the 30th of May, protesters outside Alito's home invoked all of this, chanting "We are the witches Matthew Hale couldn't burn!"

Witchcraft executions quite commonly involved burning at the stake. The two women murdered by Matthew Hale caught one break: they were hanged rather than burned at the stake, which was going out of style by the 1600's. The hangings in places like England and Salem, Mass however carried on the same legal "traditons" and religious hatred as the earlier burnings of thousands of people (some say up to six million) at the stake on made-up "witchcraft" charges."

Beyond being quoted by Alito, this ugly tradition lives today in the legislators in at least two US states who introduced bills to reclassify abortion as premeditated murder. Both of these states have the death penalty for murder, so once again we could see women executed for the "witchcraft" of abortion. No doubt appeals of these death sentences to Alito's Supreme court will fail. Already SCOTUS has released a ruling allowing a death sentence to stand without regard for the defendent having receive utterly useless and inadequate legal representation.

Protesters in front of "Justice" Alito's house-AGAIN!

This fence around the Supreme Court has been cited as making it necessary for protesters to go to the judge's homes instead if they wish to be heard or effective

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